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American Idol 2010 results released on 21st April. In this results, they mentioned who got voted off in American idol and who is in the top 6. The most popular show called «American Idol» reached the important phase. All participants are struggling to win judges and viewers hearts.

Last week on American Idol, Katie Stevens and Andrew Garcia were eliminated, but reports say that this week Tim Urban was the likeliest to go home since his performance was nothing exceptional as compared to the others.

Mr.Elton John will perform on Idol on behalf of the Elton John AIDS Foundation. And also Alicia Keys, Carrie Underwood, The Black Eyed Peas, Annie Lennox, Joss Stone and Mary J. Blige & the All-Star Band will also perform as well.

Last week on American Idol, Katie Stevens and Andrew Garcia were eliminated, but reports say that this week Tim Urban was the likeliest to go home since his performance was nothing exceptional as compared to the others.

Mr.Elton John will perform on Idol on behalf of the Elton John AIDS Foundation. And also Alicia Keys, Carrie Underwood, The Black Eyed Peas, Annie Lennox, Joss Stone and Mary J. Blige & the All-Star Band will also perform as well.

Crystal has been impressive throughout the show. She is not a girl but a full-grown woman. She put the stage on fire with her performance. Thousands had tuned to their television sets to watch their star slog it out. Crystal entered the show in an emotionally naked state. The show that is held every year draws a huge talent from across the country. When the audition of the show started then hundreds of talent had turned up to try their luck. But among them only a few were lucky. Some made it to the top twenty and the rest were told to go home. They have another chance to try their luck. That is why from day one the show was competitive. Gradually many star contestants left and now the competition has become stiff.

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DISHNetwork subscribers have access to a wide array of TV channels from all around the world. The satellite network serves some 13 million subscribers despite the fact that the Internet and cable television continue to compete for the attention of television viewers, and in spite of a worldwide economic downtrend in recent years.

Considering that the Motion Picture Association of America released a report indicating that 30 million households had satellite TV in 2007, one must concede to the success of the company among its peers in the industry.

There are two major factors among others that contribute to their success in such a competitive television market. One is the capacity for DISH to reach out across cultural lines.

There exist specially programmed services for discerning viewers who may be looking for a special cultural flavor that regular American television may not be able to readily provide. For Spanish speaking viewers, DISH has the DISH Latino pack, while there also exist the Russian Mega Pack and the Taiwanese Mega Pack programming suites for their respective communities.

Another factor contributing to the competitive advantages of the DISHNetwork is its emergence as a provider of high definition television or HDTV services. DISH was the first satellite TV provider to deliver HDTV to satellite TV subscribers. The clients of DISH services can now experience true to life image quality of live events as they happen. This is most keenly felt with major sporting events live right in the comfort of their own living rooms.

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Sports speak the universal language of camaraderie, competition and can be as unifying as they can be divisive. You don’t have to be a fan of a particular sport to appreciate the sense of excitement or level of athleticism that comes with watching a game on Satellite TV. Around the world people tune in to their respective games, gathering with friends, jeering, cheering and socializing around the TV. Whether it’s Futbol in Argentina, Basketball or Baseball in the United States or the winter Olympics there is a level of fraternization involved in watching a sport that is unparalleled. Athletes have become demigods as fans identify themselves by wearing their favorite player’s jersey or their teams’ colors.

What American has never been to a Baseball game, smelt the popcorn as it wafts through the air, watched the foam fingers sway in the stadium and felt the rush of excitement as a home run flies through the air? There is an undeniable sense of companionship in watching sports that transcends the game itself. Of course the next best thing to going to a game is watching it on Satellite TV with a group of friends on a large plasma screen. The crisp, vivid image that HD affords makes it feel like your right next to Steve Nash as he scores a three, sweat dripping down his face and the vitality of the deep purple contrasted against the bright orange of his jersey.

In addition, watching a football game on Super-bowl Sunday is probably the most fun that you can have. The food is great, the drinks keep on coming and it’s forgivable to just be there for the commercials. For the non-avid sports fan the melt in your mouth ribs, jalapeno poppers, ranch dressing, and endless snacks are well worth sitting through the game for. Investing in an NFL Sunday ticket will feel like Super-Bowl Sunday every weekend. You can even make the game more exciting by betting on the winning team and who knows you might walk away a couple hundred dollars richer.

There is no denying that watching sports is a truly remarkable experience; if not for the game itself than just for the atmosphere that it brings. Friends gather round, you can socialize and watch the game and its fun to see the look on the die-hard fan’s face when you root for the opposing team. Just make sure to qualify it with a friendly «Just kidding» or things could get ugly. All in all, watching a game on TV is a fun and rewarding experience that can bring you and your friends closer together around good greasy food and chilled, refreshing drinks. What’s bad about that?

Hannah Montana is an awesome television show and Hannah Montana Ringtones have become some of the most popular ringtones in the world. If you love the TV show Hannah Montana, you need to download Hannah Montana Ringtones for your phone.

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Hannah Montana is an American television series, which debuted on March 24, 2006 on Disney Channel. The series focuses on a girl who lives a double life as an average teenage school girl named Miley Stewart (played by Miley Cyrus) by day and a famous pop singer named Hannah Montana by night, concealing her real identity from the public, other than her close friends and family. In 2007, the series was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award. Hannah Montana: The Movie was released in theaters on April 10, 2009. The third season of the series premiered on November 2, 2008 and ended on March 14, 2010. The show has been renewed for the fourth and final season, which started production on January 18, 2010 and is expected to premiere in July 2010.

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One Tree Hill is an American teen, young adult television drama created by Mark Schwahn, which premiered on September 23, 2003 on The WB Television Network. After its third season, The WB merged with UPN to form The CW Television Network, and since September 27, 2006 the network is the official broadcaster for the show in the USA. On February 25, 2009, The CW renewed the show for a seventh season. The show is set in fictional town Tree Hill in North Carolina and originally follows the lives of two half-brothers, Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray) and Nathan Scott (James Lafferty). Their relationship evolves from heartless enemies to caring brothers, and the basketball drama, as well as the brothers’ on-again/off-again romances with female characters, are significant elements within the series. The first four seasons of the show focus on the characters’ high school years. With the beginning of the fifth season, Schwahn decided to skip the timeline four years ahead, showing their lives after college. The seventh season will move one year into the future.

The opening credits were originally intertwined with the song «I Don’t Want to Be» by Gavin DeGraw playing in the background. The theme was removed from the opening in the fifth season, and the credits have since only consisted of the title written on a black background. The show’s interiors are filmed at the EUE/Screen Gems studios in Wilmington, North Carolina and exteriors are filmed in and around Wilmington.

The show has received average ratings, with the second season being the highest rated season, averaging 4.3 million viewers weekly,and has won Teen Choice Awards. Currently, six seasons of One Tree Hill are available on DVD in regions 1, 2 and 4. On May 12, 2009, it was confirmed that Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton would not be returning for the seventh season; their characters had been two of the main protagonists throughout the show.

Out of all the inventions in the last 100 years,(and we certainly have had some) television would have to be the best.  At the press of a tiny button on the remote control, immediate entertainment satisfies every member of the family. We can start with the latest block buster movie for all film buffs to educational shows for the children. And what about  the sport channels?  Imagine, the Grand Final on the enormous Plasma screen without having to pay the exuberant price of a ticket. What about the cooking shows? With them we learn how to prepare a meal quickly and easily and still be entertained while we are cooking: the list is endless.

But unfortunately there is never a good side without a bad one. Now let us look at the negative side of home entertainment on which we depend so much.

We have just sat down comfortably to watch our favourite show, with either a cup of coffee or a nice cool drink (depending on one’s preference). The show starts and we are immediately engrossed in the plot, then all of a sudden ‘blink’ up pops a commercials which leaves us staring at the screen. Without even realizing what we are doing we move into the kitchen to refill our drink, take something to eat or even start a conversation with our partner which is totally unrelated to what we had been absorbed two and a half minutes before.  And surprise, surprise! we get back to our comfortable chair just as the show starts again. 

If by some coincidence the commercial attracts our attention, our eyes remain glued to the screen which catapults us into the imaginary world  of  commercials. (Isn’t  that what commercials are all about?)  Either we become the gorgeous, young, tall and beautiful young model, or we are driving that super fast slick car. So what effect does this have on our subconscious mind?

The constant interruption of programs by advertisements makes it almost impossible to concentrate on whatever one is watching. Without being aware of what is happening, the human brain initially finds it difficult to adapt. Very soon irritability sets in. But then slowly it the blob of gray matter we have inside our cranium becomes accustomed to the constant changes and actually appreciates the short spans. But what does this mean when we start considering the length of time our concentration goes on for? What are the complications involved?

Imagine trying to read a book and every 3 — 5 minutes being interrupted.  You would never finish the book and if you did, the story would be completely disjointed and meaningless. The same thing happens when programs are continuously interrupted.

Experts keep warning of the danger of watching too much Television, yet, I have not seen anything conclusive correlating the danger of money spinning commercial breaks to very short concentration spans; which affect us in our everyday life.

Regardless of what experts say I am a firm believer that the problem to our short concentration span is not the amount of time spent watching TV, but the constant advertisement breaks which does not allow many adults  concentrate fully on their jobs. The same applies to students in class

As a teacher I can see the difference between students who are chronic on air TV watchers and the ones who only go for full length DVD’s : the latter ones are the ones who are able to concentrate the longest.

The world of television isn’t less an alternate reality world

The world of television isn’t less an alternate reality world. And that’s the reason why each of us wishes to watch our much loved TV show all the time. And for this they turn towards internet in order to watch Prince Of Tennis online.

This out of the queue animated TV series moves around Ryoma Echizen, a tennis sensation. The show begins as Ryoma bonds with the Seishun Academy. It was a private school well known for its very much skilled tennis players. Later than joining the academy, Ryoma verifies his tennis talent by beating the players from upper classes. By this he secures a place as a regular in the team. The team had a sole objective to win the National Middle School Tennis Championship. For this only, all the team associates become skilled at most up-to-date and multifaceted abilities to achieve their goal. Prince of Tennis chronicles Ryoma Echizen life while making endeavors to develop new tennis skills and gain knowledge of the actual meaning of the game. This out of the world plotline isn’t just interesting, but inspiring as well. This drives all its fans nuts and compels them to achieve their targets in life. So that’s why fans of the show turn toward internet to get their darling TV show, Prince Of Tennis.

No doubt it is a smart decision, but you must stay alert while you browse the world internet to procure Prince Of Tennis TV show. As Prince Of Tennis is one of the most searched TV show, it has also grabbed the attention of many bad guys, They have created many malicious websites that offer users to download Prince Of Tennis episodes but actually they don’t provide any such service. And while making use of these websites you may also get your system wrecked. So its better you all avoid those websites and make use of subscription websites. These websites are the foremost options for all the fans to Watch Prince Of Tennis online easily and safely.

These websites deliver stuff with DVD quality, with which the delight of watching your much loved TV show gets doubled. Moreover, while making use of the out of the ordinary services of these websites, you also need not to worry of any virus attack or whichever harm to your PCs, as these websites are well equipped with all the latest safety gadgets.

One more thing that is mattered a lot when users download Prince Of Tennis is speed. It’s something very important, that’s the reason why these websites provide high-speed downloading speed while use avail Prince Of Tennis downloads. And if you make use of the watch online service of these websites, then in that case also you will be provide expedited buffering speed, so watching your favorite show is no more a boring thing.

The basic logic behind these websites is that they provide each and everything about the shows to their fans. Whether its episode details, show summaries, season information, activities happening on the show or any celebrity gossip or interview, you will get them all on these websites. This is the reason why after getting subscribed to these websites, fans of the show feel totally satisfied about their much loved TV shows.

Moreover, they don’t even have to pay much for this. Yet they are offered subscription options all the way throu8gh which they may select one option as per their financial budget.

So what are you waiting for?

The ABC series «Castle» which features a mystery writer working with a NYPD detective to solve crimes has had an unprecedented amount of success. The show which runs on 10 p.m./EST on ABC, has received more ratings than other shows in its slot. Realizing that they have a pretty good thing going.

In an unsurprising move, the network has given ABC Studios production a third season.  The «Castle» renewal wasn’t exactly a huge shock. ABC had already announced the release of «Naked Heat,» sequel to the bestselling companion novel «Heat Wave,» for a fall 2010 release. There wasn’t going to be much logic to releasing a companion book to a cancelled series.

HEAT WAVE by Richard Castle, star of the hit ABC series «Castle» (Mondays, 10:00-11:00 p.m., ET), has been successful cross-platform collaboration between ABC and Hyperion. Published at the end of September 2009, HEAT WAVE has spent 14 weeks on the New York Times Hardcover bestsellers list, currently holding the #32 position for Sunday, January 17, 2010. Hyperion has gone back to press eight times and now has over 170,000 copies in print. With this great success, a second book from Richard Castle will be published at the end of September 2010.

Nathan Fillion, who plays the title character, Richard Castle must no doubt be on cloud 9. The star’s popularity can easily attributed to his fans, who have been fiercely loyal after his rolls in «Buffy the Vampire Slayer» and «Firefly.» Still, despite its high praise and popularity «Firefly» did not take off and only lasted for a season before receiving cancellation. Now that this new series has been renewed for its 3rd season, fans can rest at ease as they can take comfort in the fact that the show will not receive cancellation anytime in the near future.

No further details have been given on what to expect in season 3. Considering the amount of guest stars that came out for season 2 there is no doubt that ABC will try to show just as much effort with the next season. This season had the appearance of guest stars Alyssa Milano as a former lover of Castle’s and Dana Delany as an FBI agent.

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The previous generation of children eagerly woke up on Saturday mornings to catch their favorite cartoons—with their bowl of sugary, crunchy cereal. Their choices were much more limited than the children of today’s generation, the children of the satellite TV era. With satellite TV, not only children, but also parents and teenagers are able to choose from a wide selection of entertainment to suit their tastes and to suit their moods—at top quality picture and sound for a complete, entertainment experience.

From Fox Kids to Disney to Cartoon Network to Nickelodeon, children will never run out of cartoons, comedies, and movies to enjoy. Gone are the days in which children are bored after watching the hour of their favorite show on Saturdays. On weekends and holiday, children can enjoy endless hours of entertainment—of Hannah Montana, of the Jonas Brothers, of iCarly. However, the programming won’t completely rot your children’s minds as it includes an incredible selection of educational, yet engaging forms of entertainment. Informational channels such as Discovery Science, National Geographic and Animal Planet will captivate your children with valuable and interesting information on how things work, on faraway, exotic locations, and on their favorite animals and their habitats.

For older children, an equal abundance of channels will engage their interests. From MTV and VH1 to Showtime and HBO, many television drama and comedy series have captivated their audiences throughout the nation. Depending on their tastes and moods, they can enjoy shows about the rich and famous, like the Hills or the Real Housewives, or comedies, like Weeds or Modern Family, or dramas, like True Blood or Entourage. The programming truly offers a wide selection of entertainment to your children of all ages.

If you are interested in sports, you can follow just about any sport and any game at any time of the day from the NBA championships to the upcoming FIFA World Cup games. If you want updates with national and international occurrences, around-the-clock news coverage will keep you up-to-date, all the time. Lastly, if you want a romantic night in with your significant other, plenty of blockbuster hits are readily available with a wide selection that caters to your mood.

The music channels just about cater to every musical taste imaginable. Classic rock? You got it. Top 40s? Definitely. Even the oldies they played at your high school prom? Yep. From alternative rock to classical to country, the music channels offer a better alternative to the radio that is often interrupted with advertisements and may play a mix of music including some of which you may not enjoy. Moreover, these music channels offer you the music you enjoy, commercial-free, at the best quality of sound possible!

Satellite TV has been gaining popularity among those with a penchant for selection and choice. It offers an astonishing array of channels that suit the entire family’s entertainment desires. Beyond simply the diversity of shows, movies, and music, it offers the best quality in sound and picture. It has completely revolutionized the entire conception of the at-home entertainment experience.

Sitcom’s designing women dies at the age of 70 , America lost its one of the most talented and recognized icons. Dixie Carter was born in Tennessee and than started her career in Memphis. Later on Dixie also got a part in Shakespeare’s The winter tale.

Dixie Cater was a republican and Carter once jokingly described herself as «the only Republican in show business»

Dixie Carter was a strong supporter of the Gay community.

Dixie Carter will be best remembered for her role as «Julia Sugarbaker» 

She also got a nomination in the Emmy in 2007 for a role on «Desperate Housewives.»

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What is Death?
Death is nothing at all.
I have only slipped away into the next room.
I am I and you are you.
Whatever we were to each other,
that we still are.

Call me by my old familiar name.
Speak to me in the easy way
which you always used.
Put no difference in your tone.
Wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow.

Laugh as we always laughed
at the little jokes we enjoyed together.
Play, smile, think of me, pray for me.
Let my name be ever the household word
that it always was.
Let it be spoken without affect,
without the trace of a shadow on it.

Life means all that it ever meant.
It is the same that it ever was.
There is absolutely unbroken continuity.
Why should I be out of mind
because I am out of sight?

I am waiting for you,
for an interval,
somewhere very near,
just around the corner.

All is well.
~ Henry Scott Holland

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