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The Balancing Act on Lifetime Announces Sweepstakes with an Estimated $20,000 Prize Value

Pompano Beach 7/01/2009 03:16 PM GMT (TransWorldNews), Has your bedroom got the blahs? We’ve got the solution that will turn boring into beautiful. The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television is launching their sweepstakes contest for a Dream Bedroom Makeover from SHUR-LINE®. The lucky winner will receive a personal consultation with interior designer Shannon Kaye and a room makeover, for a total estimated prize value of $20,000. The terrific transformation of the winning bedroom will be featured on the morning show in September.  The sweeps runs from July 1st through July 31, 2009, enter by visiting mylifetime.com.

“We are delighted to be offering this wonderful opportunity to our viewers,” said Doug Campbell, Executive Vice President of Programming, BrandStar Entertainment, the producers of The Balancing Act.

“And we are thrilled that SHUR-LINE has partnered with us on this exciting sweepstakes.”

“SHUR-LINE is the leading designer and manufacturer of paint application tools,” explains Campbell. “And they will be guiding our viewers though a series of on-air makeover tips.”

Noted interior designer and SHUR-LINE spokesperson, Shannon Kaye, is being featured on The Balancing Act, offering inspiring trends and techniques for creating a more modern looking home without spending a fortune.

The Balancing Act is showcasing the conversion of a bonus room into a craft room/office, the revamping of a kitchen by refinishing and repainting the cabinets, and the beautifying of a bathroom —all without breaking the budget.

“With Shannon’s instructions and SHUR-LINE’s products our viewers will learn just how easy it can be to bring a fresh and fabulous new look to any room,” continues Campbell.

“Now, with this sweepstakes one of our viewers is going to experience the magic of a total makeover without lifting a finger!” he says. “And they will be featured on our program in the fall. This is truly an opportunity of a lifetime!”

SHUR-LINE (shurline.com) is a leading designer and manufacturer of paint application products.  A Newell Rubbermaid company, SHUR-LINE markets a full line of innovative paint application and paint-related products for do-it-yourself consumers and professional contractors under the Rubbermaid and SHUR-LINE brands.  Headquartered in Huntersville, NC, SHUR-LINE employs 800 people.

The show is produced by BrandStar Entertainment and airs on Lifetime Television 7 a.m.
Eastern/Pacific (check local listings). Additional information and each segment can be accessed on the show’s website, thebalancingact.com. Each episode is also available on Youtube and google videos.

Picking the right LCD TV for you depends on several factors – price and size being the two most important. LCD Televisions can be tricky to figure out, but once you get used to some of the terminology as you shop you’ll become mire familiar with the different brands and size ranges. Choosing a size for your home first and foremost has to do with space – how much space do you have available and how big a screen do you want?

When looking at televisions in the store, focus on the television under consideration, and inspect for picture quality. Does it produce the quality of picture you desire? Is the screen size what you’re looking for? It’s best to purchase an LCD with an anti – glare coating if light reflection from outside is something you have to worry about, although a lot of light can still cause some glare, no matter what model you choose. Keep this in mind when setting up the room in your house that is going to contain the television.

Panasonic and Samsung are two of the main competitors in LCD TVs. Samsung have a wide range of LCD TV available http://www.checkcost.co.uk/lcd-tvs/c/4329/mid/127/ . Whether you buy a Panasonic or Samsung , doesn’t really matter – as long as you find a television that fits your specifications, you should be able to find something that works well for you. Cheap LCDs can be found at discount stores, although generally purchasing this kind of electronic is not a cheap endeavor. Keeping the above specifications in mind, I have given a brief on one good model in LCD TV for your kind reference.

The Panasonic TX32LMD70 is a 32 inch Widescreen LCD TV; it comes with a built – in Freeview receiver and output HD quality images. The overall performance of this screen is one of the best you would have come across, and is definitely worth buying it. It has an advanced 3D color management system coupled with a dynamic contrast ratio, which results in bright and beautiful picture. The Panasonic TX32LMD70 32″ Viera Widescreen LCD TV also features an integrated digital tuner for a wider choice of channels without the need for a separate freeview receiver. Planning your viewing is easy with the electronic programme guide. The sound quality is as good as the image quality with absolute clarity and sharpness The Panasonic TX32LMD70 32″ Viera Widescreen LCD TV are sleek and cool with a high quality matt black frame and the option of either a stand or wall mounting. Full of Vibrant color Panasonic LCD TV is available on http://www.checkcost.co.uk/lcd-tvs/c/4329/ , with a reasonable price, so go and grab the offer fast…..You will be impressed with Panasonic TX32LMD70 32 inch Widescreen LCD TV,  with stunning images and the sounds to match.

Price is always a factor whenever you are buying any LCD TV. Since LCD TV is more technologically advanced the price plays a more important part in the final decision. Choose according to your needs and the depth of your pockets. Hope you have happy TV time.

Click here to watch the full video of the story

Click here to watch the full video of the story!

Man wins lottery, leaves wife. That’s the short version of what happened to a South Florida woman whose husband won the lottery and then left her was set to be evicted from her home Tuesday evening.

But Local 10’s camera was rolling when Donna Campbell received an early Christmas present.
Campbell was given until Tuesday to pack up and leave the Miramar home she once shared with her husband, Arnim Ramdass.

«I have asked myself over and over what I did to deserve this, to deserve this ending,» Campbell said.
Ramdass and several other airline mechanics won $19 million in a June 2007 lottery jackpot. Instead of sharing the wealth, Campbell said her husband did not tell her about his win and eventually left her.

A previous lawsuit Campbell filed was dropped. Ramdass stopped paying the mortgage, and their home went into foreclosure.
While they are still legally married, Campbell said Ramdass has vanished.

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«I have no idea where he is,» Campbell said.
In fact, the only reminder of the man with whom she once shared this home were wedding pictures on the dining room table. As far as the rest of her belongings, she was prepared to have to let them go. That’s when a man wins lottery, leaves wife.

“I could part with anything in the house. It doesn’t matter. But the Christmas stuff means a whole lot to me,” she told Local 10’s Jen Herrera.

Campbell spent Tuesday packing up pictures and clothing. She said she would leave behind furniture and other large items, as she had no place to go and can’t afford to store them.

But when the folks at AA Varco moving company saw Campbell’s story on Local 10, they offered to move her belongings and store them at their facility for free.

“That would be wonderful. Thank you very much. You made my Christmas,” Campbell told the man on the other end of the phone when she heard the news.

Campbell wants to divorce Ramdass, file suit for her half of the money and serve him with papers, but her husband is nowhere to be found.

«I intend to find him. I will keep trying until I get him,» Campbell said.

In the meantime, she plans on moving in with her sister while her attorney continues to look for her husband to serve him divorce papers. All she can sadly say is: «Man wins lottery, leaves wife».

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How I Met Your Mother is an American sitcom and home of some of the most funniest quotes on television. Most of these funny quotes come from Barney Stinson and Ted Mosby, although their 3 friends Marshall, Lily and Robin are quite hilarious themselves.

Below you will find just some of the best How I Met Your Mother Season 1 Quotes that I have personally gotten from each episode.

It is the year 2030 and Ted Mosby is telling his son and daughter the story of how he met their mother. The future Ted Mosby is voiced by Bob Saget, who is uncredited in all episodes.

Ted’s story begins in 2005 with a single, 27 year old architect, Ted, living with his two best friends from Wesleyan University. Marshall Eriksen, played by Jason Segel is a law student and Lily Aldrin, played by Alyson Hannigan is a kindergarten teacher and they have been dating for about nine years. Ted met his «best» friend Barney Stinson, who is played by Neil Patrick Harris, in a bathroom (a urinal to be exact) after a night of drinks. Barney is best known as a womanizer with an unnamed corporate job. Ted, searching for his soul mate after Marshall and Lily get engaged, meets an ambitious young reporter Robin Scherbatsky, who is played by Cobie Smulders. Ted instantly falls in love with Robin and starts thinking about settling down, but Robin is not ready for it. The viewers learn that Robin is not the mother when Ted, as he talks to his children, refers to Robin as their «Aunt Robin».

Some quotes from Season 1 of How I Met Your Mother:


Marshall: Hey, how was your day?

Lily: Ahh. I’m exhausted. It was finger-painting day at school and a 5-year-old boy got to second base with me.


Barney: Man, you know something? Stuart’s my new hero. If that dude can bag a nine, I got to be able to bag, like, a 16.

Ted: What’s a 16?

Barney: Those 2 eights right over there.


Ted: Hell, if a cockroach and a mouse can find love in this crazy city then, dammit, so can I!


Ted: Hey, this might sound weird, but it’ll definitely sound weirder once my shirt’s off, so I’m just going to ask you now. Do you want to have dinner with me Saturday night?

Dr. O’Brian: That’s very sweet but I’m actually getting married on Saturday night.

Ted: Friday night?


Lily: Oh no Ted, your blazer!

Ted: What, what what?!

Lily: Somebody spilled gorgeous all over it. Love it!


Read all of the best How I Met Your Mother quotes here: How I Met Your Mother Season 1 Quotes

Dish network portals offer many privileges which are unique to these sites

Dish network portals offer many privileges which are unique to these sites. You cannot ask for these services if you choose to buy satellite TV channels from land-based retail stores. These dish TV services make it possible for you to order direct satellite online and at the same time get things done without moving out from the confines of your home. All you need is a computer, internet and a card to make payments online. Let’s check out how life becomes easy with the coming of these portals.

As a start, dish network portals allow you to pay online. With the help of a card, credit or debit, you can order satellite TV services online. You will get a bill against your payment so you know that the money has not been conned out of you. Dish TV portals have a very transparent way of dealing with things to make sure customers are never unsure about the status of the payment. You can make use of the online payment modes that you have, like PayPal. You will have to check with your direct satellite TV provider to ensure that you know how to pay for the services.

The next privilege from dish network services is that you get a free installation of the satellite TV receiver and other equipment. Dish TV portals like OrderSatelliteNow offer free standard professional installation at your home. This is sometimes accompanied by free high definition upgrades and also DVR upgrades. You can never expect these services free of cost from the direct satellite TV retail stores. They will ask for installation costs and will definitely ask for additional charges for upgrades and quick fixes.

Dish network portals offer you the option to choose your free gifts! The satellite TV services that you buy from OrderSatelliteNow are accompanied by a gift coupon. You need to fill up a form online and submit. The dish TV portal will process your form and the gift of your choice will be delivered to your doorstep at the earliest opportunity. You will have to meet certain basic criteria to avail this offer. Sometimes the direct satellite TV provider does not have the gift you may ask for. Then you are fixed with another gift from the menu of gifts. There are MP3 players, DVD players and even Home Theater equipment that you can choose from, not to mention the couple airplane ticket to a destination of your choice on a reputed airline!

Let’s sign off on the dish network privileges by mentioning the special festival rates on the satellite TV packs. Dish TV portals are the best way to buy direct satellite TV channels. Check out the websites and enjoy the joyride!

Did you know that you can now watch satellite TV on another medium than your traditional television set? With the event of the internet technology, you can watch traditional TV on your computer. What this means is anyone can access and retrieve television episode, watch any live sporting event and access good movie when ever and where ever they want.

This new internet television technology is accessible to all. But, it’s especially useful for those people who don’t have access to cable TV because of their geographic location, or for customers that need to cancel or downgrade their paid service do to budget restrictions.

But, how does it work? Well, it’s basically a software service that comes in a package and which you install on your computer. And, if you have a windows or vista computer with high speed internet connection, you already possess what’s needed to setting up your own computer internet TV connection.

There are two ways of setting up your computer TV. First, you can do all the work yourself. Doing it this way is free but takes time, know-how, and patience when searching for all the free channels, videos, and stations of interest.

On the other hand, you can pay for a professional service. To find paid satellite TV for PC services, you just need to search for them through search engines. The advantage with a paid service is that all the work is already completed to give you instant setup and access.

These satellite TV for PC services don’t own the free content. All Internet channels, stations, and videos come from different providers from around the World. Therefore, they are perfectly safe, legal, and legit to use.

In this present day, most households have at least one computer unit, which is vital in making our work, studies, or business easier as well as serving as our window to the world. But of course it’s not only intended for business and school matters, for our
computers could also serve as our alternative to television and watch TV online. Through free TV online, our hectic schedules are no longer a hindrance with our keeping track of the TV programs that we love to watch. We have total freedom in choosing whatever program that we’d like to view from sports, news, tele-series, and more when we watch TV online.

Now, you don’t have to go to the extra troubles of surfing the TV channels just to look for the show that you want to watch, because you could easily find them by typing its title at the search tab of the free TV online website and watch TV online to your heart’s desire. Not to worry for extra fees because there are lots of free TV online websites out there that cater these services, so all you have to secure is your Internet connection. These websites lets you Watch TV Online for absolutely free, with no deceiving catch, like having to answer surveys or download a particular program to allow you to start watching. With free TV online being widely available in the Internet nowadays, the tug of war for the remote control with the children is over, because these websites have a wide spectrum of show for all ages, so you could share the TV set with your children as you watch TV online in the comfort of your own computer.

Free TV Online will also save you from the monthly bills of cable TV, because Internet TV sites have cable channels and shows in their vast data bases, available to you with no extra charge. What’s even better when you watch TV online is that you have the
power to choose whatever show to view instead of selecting from those currently showing on your local networks or cable channels. Some websites that offer free TV online have their shows are alphabetically arranged in categories, so you could easily look for shows that fit your taste. From current TV blockbusters like Gossip Girls, to classic TV shows for children like The Muppets Show, expect to have them all neatly sorted under their categories. When you watch TV online, you don’t have to worry about being bound to local TV networks or missing out on your favorite TV shows. Free TV online has paved the way for our viewing pleasures’ satisfaction, by providing us with a diverse line up of shows, both currently airing and even those that are already decades old and almost forgotten into void.

The ufc fighters once again put on a great show in ufc 107

The UFC fighters once again put on a great show in UFC 107. The great fights were BJ Penn vs Diego Sanchez for the lightweight championship, Frank Mir vs Cheick Kongo, Jon Fitch vs Mike Pierce, Kenny Florian vs Clay Guida, Paul Buentello vs Stefan Struve, Alan Belcher vs Wilson Gouveia, Matt Wiman vs Shane Nelson, Johny Hendricks vs Ricardo Funch, Rousimar Palhares vs Lucio Linhares, DaMarques Johnson vs Edgar Garcia, Kevin Burns vs TJ Grant, and numerous other ones in this BJ Penn vs Diego Sanchez fight video.

BJ Penn vs Diego Sanchez Video — UFC 107

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is a U.S.-based MMA promotion. Dana White answers as the chairwoman of the UFC while Zuffa, LLC, operated by Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta, owns the society. The conception for a tournament purposing to see the world’s top-quality fight manner came from Art Davie, an promoting executive located in southwest California. Davie met Rorion Gracie in 1991 while searching martial arts for a marketing client. Gracie controlled a Brazilian jiu-jitsu schooling in Torrance, California and the Gracie home had a long history of vale tudo matches—a precursor of mixed martial arts—in Brazil. Davie became Gracie’s student.

Although UFC applied the «There are no rules!» tagline in the early 1990s, the UFC did in fact function with small rules. There was no biting, no gouging, and the system lowered on (but allowed) techniques such as hair pulling, headbutting, groin strikes and fish-hooking. The ten-point must system is in effect for all UFC fights; three judges score each round and the succeeder of every has ten points, the loser nine points or less. If the round is close, both champions accept ten points. In New Jersey, the fewest points a champion can get is 7, and in other states by customs no champion gets less than 8.

BJ Penn vs Diego Sanchez Video — UFC 107

Indian dth market forecast to 2012 report ( http://www

Indian DTH Market Forecast to 2012 report ( http://www.bharatbook.com/Market-Research-Reports/Indian-DTH-Market-Forecast.html ) says that, the direct-to-home (DTH) TV sector in India continues to expand rapidly, attracting large investments from new and existing players over the past few months and is showing no signs of slowing down due to economic recession. The DTH market which began commercial operations in 2003 has been able to acquire over 12 Million subscribers during the past five years. The number of DTH subscribers has nearly tripled in 2008 compared to the previous year, driven by the entry of two new players.

As per our new research report “Indian DTH Market Forecast to 2012”, the number of DTH subscribers is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of around 25% during 2009-2012.

Currently, the Indian DTH market is being served by five private players, Dish TV, Tata Sky, Sun Direct, Big TV and Airtel’ Digital TV, with one more planning to roll out its commercial services soon in the country. For the purpose of this report, we have not included Doordarshan in our research as this is a free DTH service channel.

Given the superior quality of DTH services in terms of viewing and interactivity, the number of DTH subscribers has been soaring. However, the current number of DTH subscribers constitutes only a meager proportion of the total number of TV households, indicating vast future growth potential.

This research provides extensive research and rational analysis of the DTH market in India. It will help clients to understand the underlying potential of DTH services in the Indian television industry. Various factors which will drive the future growth of the DTH market in India have been thoroughly analyzed in the report. The report will also help in gaining insight into the prevailing key trends and developments that are contributing positively towards the growth of the market.

Our report helps to understand the current market landscape while highlighting the future market potential for each of the player studied. The study also explains the reason for why all the incumbent players have been investing huge amounts in the promotion and marketing of DTH services in the country. We foresee immense growth potential of DTH services across remote locations where the reach of cable operators is very limited.
Contact us at:

Bharat Book Bureau
Tel: 91 22 27578668
Fax: 91 22 27579131
Email: info@bharatbook.com
Website: www.bharatbook.com

Gohan is the oldest son of goku and chi-chi

Gohan is the oldest son of Goku and Chi-Chi. At the beginning of DBZ, he shows tremendous power at the age of 4, becoming at the moment the most powerful fighter in the universe. After Gokus death, Piccolo took him to train in the wilderness for the arrival of the Saiyans. Piccolo is changed by Gohans innocence, and gives his life to protect him. He goes Oozaru against Vegeta, and saves his father. On Namek, he helps retrieve all the dragonballs with Krillin and Bulma. Gohan stalls Frieza long enough for S.S. Goku to return to the battle on Namek. He defeats Garlic Jr. in the Garlic Jr. saga.

During the Cell saga, he also trains in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, where he goes Super Saiyan. Along with his father, he learns how to maintain that form. During the Cell Games, during Android 16s death, he becomes the first person ever to go Super Saiyan Two. He kills Cell during a Kamehameha face-off with help from his dead father. 7 years later, he now has a 6-year-old brother named Goten(who was apparently conceived before the Cell Games) who can go Super Saiyan, but cant fly. That does not last long. Trunks is now 7, and can also turn S.S. He starts helping people, but under a superhero guise called the Great Saiyaman, who wears stupid clothes, does stupid poses, but always saves the day. The cover does not last long.

During the World Tournament, he is injured by Babidis henchmen. He soon learns how to use his Super Saiyan powers without transforming, called Mystic form. Contrary to popular thought, this is not more powerful than S.S.2 form. He simply had a power boost, and Mystic form is simply his S.S. powers without transforming. It is exactly as powerful. He starts pounding Majin Buu, but gets tricked, then absorbed. He dies when the earth blows up, but is revived like all the others.

At the end of DBZ, he settles down as a scholar and marries Videl, and has a daughter named Pan, who is a major character in GT. He is also possessed by Bebi, but he is exorcised from his body. He does very little training or fighting after the Maijn Buu saga. Gohan was the cutest character until he became a teen, when Goten replaces that spot. He is socially handicapped, as he is a big nerd. As the Great Saiyaman, he is even nerdier. In early DBZ, he and Krillin are pretty much inseparable. Gohan used to idolize Piccolo, dressed like him, and fights like him. Masenko-Ha, Gohans second most powerful attack, was originally Piccolos attack.

The most distinct thing about Gohan is that he has the most potential of all. If he trained as much as Goku, he would easily be the most powerful fighter of all. But since he is a scholar, he never realizes his potential. Gohan is my personal favorite character.

By the end of DBZ, he is the second most powerful fighter, second only to Goku. His power comes from his anger. The angrier he gets, the more powerful he is. Gohan is actually very tolerant, so it takes a lot for Gohan to snap. Instances are Raditz hurting his father, Frieza almost killing S.S. Goku, Garlic Jr. hurting Piccolo, Dr. Willow hurting everybody, remembering his friends deaths(resulting in his first Super Saiyan transformation), the death of Android 16(his first S.S.2 transformation), Bojack hurting the Z fighters, and several other instances. In GT, he is the third most powerful fighter. All in all, Gohan is a powerful addition to the Z fighters.

To learn more how Gohan achieved his power you can watch dragonball z or download remastered dragonball z at dragonballztv.net