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Is brand star entertainment a scam or rip-off education resource

Is Brand Star Entertainment a SCAM or Rip-Off Education Resource? Yes, Their TV Show Alerts Viewers about Common Consumer Frauds

Brandstar Entertainment has a production team dedicated to protecting their programs’ viewers from some of the most common consumer frauds. One of their television programs, The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television, regularly features guests who enlighten viewers on the how-to’s of defending themselves from various dangers. These segments have led many to ask, “Is Brand Star Entertainment a scam or rip-off education resource?”

“We feel that Brandstar Entertainment has indeed become an important educational resource for the millions of people and newsletter readers that our program touches,” explains Doug Campbell, says Executive Vice President of BrandStar Entertainment.

“To bring the most current consumer caveats to our viewers, we have our BrandStar Entertainment scam scanners constantly monitoring the media for latest trends and alerts,” continued Campbell. “Then, the BrandStar Entertainment rip-off reporters get to work investigating the angles and finding show participants who can best offer helpful solutions for our viewers.”

For their national morning show, The Balancing Act segments have featured an array of informative guests including John Walsh of America’s Most Wanted, internet gold buying experts, computer safety experts, and nationally renowned women’s consumer advocate, Delia Passi, of Medelia Inc.

“Both the BrandStar Entertainment scam scanners and the BrandStar Entertainment rip-off reporters often listen to the advice imparted by Passi when looking for story suggestions,” says Cambell. “Her understanding of a woman’s thought process and how to best approach the topics have been invaluable.”

Protecting the family is key to the team’s philosophy, and The BrandStar Entertainment rip-off reporters were especially satisfied when they had the opportunity to address the numerous dangers that lurk behind every child’s computer screen. The BrandStar scam scanners had been seeing a rise in stories about cyberbullying and pedophiles who contact children though the internet.
“We knew this was of critical importance to the many Moms who watch our show, so we were delighted when John Walsh made an appearance and educated our viewers about the simple and effective ways they can make their child’s computer time a safer experience,” explains Campbell.
“We feel very strongly that these segments are of great importance to our viewers and we are delighted that they have given us such positive feedback regarding our dedication in providing them with the best resources to defend themselves from scams and rip-offs.”

Want to enjoy the movie that your coworker informed you about

Want to enjoy the movie that your coworker informed you about? Oh no! You forgot the satellite TV channel which is showing the movie and you are not getting her on phone… now what will you do? Will you leave all hopes of watching the movie and try to get some sleep instead? Or, you are going to find out the channel on which movie will be shown? The later seems like a good idea, isn’t it? But how are you going to find that out? There must be a hundred channel offered by your satellite TV channel and it not practically possible to browse through each of the channel content manually. That will take you ages! Well, not if you have DISH Network at home. With the pay TV provider at your home there is no need to panic over a single show. With the great new interactive feature from DISH Network, you can get access to your desired programs quickly and effectively.

This excellent feature from DISH Network is well known as the electronic programming guide. The feature is also called EPG. This amazing feature can help you find your favorite programs quickly and in a timely manner. This electronic program guide is nothing but a virtual database or a list of a kind that contains information about all the programs running on all the channels. You can get programming schedule for more than two days at once with the program guide. This way you can see and select the programs you want to watch and keep yourself free during that period of time. The program guide has a tabular format and contains all the details about the latest offering of all the DISH Network channels. The guide can also help you know a lot about different programs.

In case of movies you can get to know the movies and their airtime with DISH Network channels. Apart from that you can also get to know a lot of thing about the movie. You can know about the duration of the movie and the name of its directors and actors. You can also know about its genre of the movie as well. In case you cannot make out home the film will be from the title, you can get an idea about the content of the movie from its genre. In case you are watching a program you can get to know at what time the show is going to end. This will help you decide which show you are going to watch and which show are you going to record.

The DISH Network programming guide also offers you a chance to record a particular show quickly. If you are short of time and cannot sit to watch an entire show all you have to do is to select the show from programming guide and press the DVR button on your remote control. Recording shows on DISH HD DVR is very easy but this simple task allows you to enjoy a number of shows over and over again.

Apart from these there are a number of other features that make DISH Network electronic program guide a bare essential for TV lovers.

What is hdtv

What Is HDTV?

HDTV, or just HD (High-definition television) refers to video having resolution substantially higher than traditional television systems SDTV, or SD (standard-definition television). HD has one or two million pixels per frame, roughly five times that of SD.Early HDTV broadcasting used analog techniques, but today HDTV is digitally broadcast using video compression. Image resolution describes the detail an image holds. Higher resolution means more image detail. Early HDTV broadcasting used analog techniques, but today HDTV is digitally broadcast using video compression. Video compression refers to reducing the quantity of data used to represent digital video images, and is a combination of spatial image compression and temporal motion compensation. Video compression is an example of the concept of source coding in Information theory. This article deals with its applications: compressed video can effectively reduce the bandwidth required to transmit video via terrestrial broadcast, via cable TV, or via satellite TV services. HDTV broadcast systems are identified with three major parameters:

• Frame size in pixels is defined as number of horizontal pixels ? number of vertical pixels, for example 1280 ? 720 or 1920 ? 1080. Often the number of horizontal pixels is implied from context and is omitted, as in the case of 720p and 1080p.

• Scanning system is identified with the letter P for progressive scanning or I for interlaced scanning.

• Frame rate is identified as number of video frames per second. For interlaced systems an alternative form of specifying number of fields per second is often used. HDTV has twice the linear resolution of standard-definition television (SDTV), showing greater detail than either analog television or regular DVD. The technical standards for broadcasting HDTV also handle the 16:9 aspect ratio images without using letterboxing or anamorphic stretching, thus increasing the effective image resolution.

What Is HD Ready?

HD Ready concerns the abilities of television receivers to display high-definition pictures. HD Ready televisions are capable of accepting and displaying a high-definition signal at either, 720p, 1080i or 1080p using a component video or digital input, but does not have a built-in HD-capable tuner.

Plasma television.

A plasma display panel (PDP) is a type of flat panel display common to large TV displays (80 cm or larger). Many tiny cells between just two panels of glass hold a mixture of noble gases. The gas in the cells is electrically turned into a plasma which emits ultraviolet light which then excites phosphors to emit visible light. HDTV plasma televisions usually have a resolution of 1,024?768 found on many 42 in plasma screens, 1,280?768, 1,366?768 found on 50 in, 60 in, and 65 in plasma screens, or 1,920?1,080 found in plasma screen sizes from 42 in to 103 in. These displays are usually progressive displays, with square pixels, and will up-scale their incoming standard-definition signals to match their native display resolution.

LCD TV Liquid-crystal display televisions.

LCD TVs are quickly displacing the only major competitors in the large-screen market, the plasma display panel and rear-projection television. Color on an LCD television is produced by filtering down a white source and then selectively shuttering the three primary colors relative to each other. The accuracy and quality of the resulting colors are dependent on the backlighting source and its ability to evenly produce white light. LED-backlit LCD television. The LEDs can come in two forms, Dynamic RGB LEDs which are positioned behind the panel, or white Edge-LEDs positioned around the rim of the screen which use a special diffusion panel to spread the light evenly behind the screen. LED-backlit LCD TVs differ from conventional CCFL-backlit LCD TVs in the following:

• They can produce an image with greater dynamic contrast compared with CCFL-backlit LCD TVs. • With Edge-LED lighting they can be extremely slim. Current models on the market can be approximately one inch thick.

• They can offer a wider color gamut, especially when RGB-LED backlighting is used. • Lesser environmental pollution on disposal.

• Higher cost due to current market product placement.

• Generally have a lower power consumption in the realm of 20-30%.

3D-ready TV.

3D television is a television that employs techniques of 3D presentation, such as stereoscopic capture, multi-view capture, or 2D plus depth, and a 3D display, a special viewing device to project a television program into a realistic three-dimensional field. The choice is yours!


Whatever this season may bring, I was tired of the dancing, judges, and contestants. I just couldn’t stand to watch Chloris Leachman. But then along came Gilles Marini, Lil Kim, Ty Murray, Melissa Rycroft, The Woz, Julianne’s boyfriend, Chuck Wicks, Denise Richards, Shawn Johnson, and a few others that really didn’t interest me.

Who did I find to be the most interesting? I couldn’t wait to see the outstanding dancing of Frenchman Gilles Marini. I discovered Gilles when I saw Sex and the City where he stood out among a cast of talented actors and actresses. Just like in Sex and the City, he proved to be the best entertainment on Dancing with the Stars. Gilles raises the temperature on the dance floor. Judge Carrie Ann Inaba said what a lot of female views were thinking — Gilles wife Carole is very lucky.

Denise Richards was a big disappointment, lacking talent as well as personality. The Woz may be a computer genius and he definitely seemed like a great guy, but he just didn’t have the moves on the dance floor. While Chuck Wicks put in 110% and stayed on the show week after week. I didn’t really like Lil’ Kim until I saw her dance so amazingly well. Derek Huff did wonders with his choreography and inspiration. They were a team that showed talent as well as chemistry. How stunning was it then that Lil’ Kim was voted off ahead of several less talented dance partners.

The final four, as I write, are Melissa and Tony, Ty and Chelsie, Gilles and Cheryl, Shawn and Mark. Melissa came in shortly before the show when Jewel was injured. She showed immediately that she had ballet training. Ballet really paid off for Melissa. Twice she scored thirty out of thirty from the three judges. But perfect scores don’t always mean you won’t be voted off. Just like Sabrina Bryan. She received a perfect score in another season and was eliminated early. The celeb dancer who has shown real progress is World Champion rodeo cowboy Ty Murry. His background as a rodeo star did little to prepare him, but more than likely gives him a wide and different fan base for voters. Shawn Johnson’s dancing was just as enchanting as her gold medal winning run at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Finally, Gilles Marini simply couldn’t do a routine that didn’t blow me away. He is definitely my favorite.

Who will win? Another celebrity contestant and their partner gets sent off on the next show. After that the three last dance teams have a final dance-off. You can guarantee where I’ll be that night!

Getting your Dancing with the Stars fix in high definition is the greatest way to do it I’ve found. Recently my son convinced me to ditch my regular TV and make the jump to an HDTV. Oh Man! You may be thinking what I used to think — how can it make that much of a difference in picture and sound quality? Well, I’m here to tell you it really does. Plus, Comcast Cable is outstanding! I just got HD cable for my new HDTV and the rate was very low for adding this new service. While I was at it I added Comcast High Speed Internet and Comcast Digital Voice for a super low triple play bundle rate. My download speeds and television picture are by far the fastest and clearest I have ever experienced with my new broadband service and HD Comcast Cable. As a bonus, they offer digital phone service at flat rate pricing. The phone is very clear and I can call friends and family around the US and never have to pay long distance charges. If you are moving to an area that is covered by Comcast, or it is your local cable provider, I recommend calling them sooner rather than later to order their great services. And if you search on the web you can probably some sites that offer the latest Comcast Cable promotions and savings. The Triple Play Bundle is the best way to go so make sure you consider it. All three digital services for a big discount from Comcast.

There comes a time when cable ends up not satisfying you the way that it used to and you want something newer and more exciting to entertain you. You also do not want to pay a whole lot more for it than you are paying for the now boring cable. You are out to find a good and wholesome satellite television provider that will not give you the run around or treat you nicely until you obtain service from them and then never again give you quality customer service. You want to find a satellite television provider with good rates, great channel and package selections and nice and knowledgeable customer service representatives. So what you are looking for you can find with satellit tetelevision provided to you by DirecTV. DirecTV has lots of ups that will make you happy and a much larger much more exciting channel selection than cable does.

DirecTV makes it easy to upgrade from cable to their satellite service. First off they have good low prices so that you do not have to worry about super extra expenses for the service of satellite television. Secondly, DirecTV makes it way more affordable to upgrade to satellite from cable because when obtaining service from DirecTV they give you the satellite equipment set up completely free. Many other satellite providers make you pay the first month service fee and then on top of that buy all of the satellite
equipment that you will need to access their service. DirecTV does not agree with that thieving kind of absurd charge so all you do is pay the monthly charge and all the needed equipment is provided to you on the house and because of this it again makes it not very costly to switch from cable to satellite television. You will also be all set up with a professional installation of the satellite equipment so you do not have to worry about a single installment and you have to worry about it what show you want to see first. When you get into the DirecTV channel selection you will find four times the amount of channels on DirecTV satellite television than you ever had in cable. DirecTV has a wide selection of over 195 basic channels for you to pick from. Amongst this array of channels is interesting, informative and exciting channels like Discovery Health, SCI FI, Bravo, TNT, Court TV, Soap, Cartoon Network and so many, many more channels to choose from.

With DirecTV you get it all! You get the top-notch customer service quality and a wide array of channels to chose from. Also with the great service and grand selection DirecTV is very affordable and DirecTV with also provides all the necessary equipment for free. With these kinds of qualities you will not have to look anywhere else for great satellite service because DirecTV has got every angle of the job to a «T» and they are super cost effective. Over all, DirecTV is the best choice of your satellite television
provider over nay other out there!

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Arguably the most irritating, infuriating and insufferable TV-series hero of all time, Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie), infectious disease and nephrology specialist at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in New Jersey, brought a whole new spectrum of meanings to the words «obnoxious», «abrasive» and «misanthropic». Mercilessly ragging and browbeating colleagues and patients alike (when he actually condescended to speak to them, that is), House trusted absolutely no one, least of all himself.

While it could be argued that his incessant anger and sarcasm grew from the fact that his leg was in constant pain, he had only himself to blame for much of the agony because he insisted upon using his cane incorrectly—mainly because it annoyed people when he did so (riding a motorcyle to and from work didn’t help his physical wellbeing any either). Dr. House happened to be a genius in his field, his brilliance shining brightest when solving complex medical cases that had thoroughly baffled all the other experts, and correctly diagnosing rare, obscure and highly lethal diseases, literally snatching his patients from the jaws of death at the last moment in many case.

There is probably nothing more irksome that someone who thinks he’s always right, and who turns out to BE always right: That was House. To his credit, he inspired great loyalty and admiration from his long-suffering staff, including neurologist Eric Foreman (Omar Epps), immunologist/allergist Allison Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) and intensivist Robert Chase (Jesse Spencer).

Though officially based on an article about a real-life diagonstician who specialized in unusual medical cases, star Hugh Laurie has admitted that the weekly, hour-long medical drama House was also heavily beholden to the «Sherlock Holmes» stories, and certainly the series contained numerous Holmesian elements: The similar surname of aloof, antisocial «detective» who doggedly scrutinized each and every detail of the case at hand, the Watsonlike best friend, and the reliance upon narcotics. As a bonus, several of the supporting character’s names were lifted from the Holmes canon: In the very first episode, House’s patient was named Adler (as in «Irene»); and when he was shot and wounded by the disgruntled husband of another patient at the end of the series’ second season, his assailant was a Mr. Moriarty!

House is often filmed using the «walk and talk» filming technique, popularized on television by series such as St. Elsewhere, ER, Sports Night, and The West Wing. The technique involves the use of tracking shots, showing two or more characters walking between locations while talking.

The series’ original opening theme, as heard in the United States, is «Teardrop» by Massive Attack.  «Teardrop’s» lyrics are sung by Elizabeth Fraser of Cocteau Twins; however, the opening credit sequence of House uses only instrumental portions of the song.  An acoustic version of «Teardrop», performed by Jos? Gonz?lez, with lyrics, is heard as background music during the season 4 finale.

Debuting November 16, 2004 on the Fox network, House (official title: House: M.D.) was the recipient of several industry awards, as well as the prestigious Peabody award for «Best of Electronic Media.» As if Dr. House gave a damn.

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If you caught the end of last seasons Saturday Night Live, you may or may not have noticed the lack of female characters. Well, they have hired one more female cast member to join Kristen Wigg.

She is an Irainian comedian named Nasim Pedrad. Nasim, who has until now been performing shows in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, as a member of the Upright Citizen’s Brigade. She is no stranger to the stage. She has also made appearances on ER and Gilmore Girls. She is a graduate from UCLA’s School of Theatre. Before her hire to SNL she wrote and performed sketch comedy at the various improve shows, but it was the only one on stage, the show was Me, Myself and Iran, that brought her to the spotlight.


Do you think Nasim Pedrad will be a good fit on SNL?

Click-YES Click-NO

Nasim Pedrad will perform alongside Casey Wilson, Michaela Watkins, and Abbey Elliot. All of these ladies were brought in to try to balance out the cast a bit. The cast can only get better with the addition of these females. It will be intresting to see the types of characters Nasim will get to play. The writers for SNL are great so I am sure that things will get mighty creative.

Only time will tell if Nasim Pedrad will be any good on SNL. You can catch the new season of SNL on September 26th. Megan Fox will supposably be hosting, though that has yet to be confirmed by NBC.

Satellite tv has a never-ending amount of things to watch

Satellite TV has a never-ending amount of things to watch. So much, that there will never be a dull moment in your household. Whatever you decide to watch, this service not only has what you are looking for, but many options to choose from.  But it has two strong suits and those are watching sporting events and watching movies.

Real Fans

Sports are one of the most watched genres on the television today in the United States, and because the country is so big, there are so many teams to follow. If you are a true fan you probably have favorite teams that you support all the time. These teams are generally the ones that play in the city that you live in. But due to how big the United States is and how big of a role your job plays in where they live, you might have been born and raised in one state but live and work in another state.

In this situation the concept of «home teams» becomes a bit more blurry and hard to define. Home in one sense is where your family lives and where you grew up. But if you had since left that place and now live in a different place, home is also where you currently live and have started your own family. So «home» can mean many things to many people. If you have lived in many different places and laid roots in those places, it would be totally fair to say that you have numerous home teams because you have lived in those places and cheered for those teams.

And due to the fact that these amazing satellite TV packages show a lot of games simultaneously, you not only be able to watch your favorite team, but many others as well. It is perfect for those Americans who have had their notion of home blurred by moving around a lot due to work or any other reason. If you are one of these people, you can watch all of your «home teams» play and you do not have to miss a single one. You can truly call wherever you are living in that moment home because you will have access to all of your favorite teams.

Movies Galore

The other incredible service that Satellite TV offers is a plethora of movie channels. There are so many that you will always find something that interests you. The movie packages are very complete so no matter what type of movies you are looking for, you are going to find them. All genres are offered at all hours of the day so no matter what your work schedule is, there will always be a good movie on for you to watch. Satellite TV is the king when it comes to home movies. And it lets you bypass the movie rental store on those nights when you are on you way home from work and are exhausted. Just go home, relax and enjoy.

How much television do you watch in your free time

How much television do you watch in your free time? For some people the thought of missing their favourite soap opera is unthinkable, while others can’t remember the last time they watched anything at all.

But no matter how much or little television you watch, there are good experiences to be had from doing so. Not everyone thinks you can view television as a learning experience, but that simply isn’t true.

Take educational programmes for example. Apart from the obvious sources such as news programmes and similar output that reveals something about the way the world is at present, there are many more programmes we can learn something from.

Documentaries are popular with many people, mainly because we can find out about things we wouldn’t otherwise know about. They can cover a wide subject area too. They can reveal how the world was centuries ago, and they can also tell us what is happening in our local area. There is no limit to the facts we can learn from them.

Of course, learning happens on a certain level when watching television. Some people have pondered whether you could learn a language via television programmes. While you could certainly pick up essential words and phrases you probably couldn’t go as far as a whole language – unless you were watching a dedicated language learning programme of course.

Perhaps the most essential thing to remember is that television is somewhere you can go to for information. Many people rely on the internet for that now, but the TV is still an important source to go to as well. The visual aspect is particularly beneficial for some people; while the internet can offer that too, it cannot compete with the way that television can get the message across.

But we can learn in other ways as well. For example, it might sound strange but you can actually learn to relax and unwind with the help of the television. How many times have you sat down after a hard day at work and decided to watch a film? And how easy has it been to unwind and forget about everything else while you were watching it?

Many of us also select the programmes we want to watch according to how well they match up with our interests. We buy the right TV packages to fit our needs and desires, so that we can get the best out of our viewing time. Constructive television viewing that teaches us something is what matters the most – although we should also stick to programmes we enjoy to avoid it becoming a chore.

So do you learn from your television? If you don’t, perhaps you should consider watching some new channels.