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The Sopranos is one of the most successful and legendary television shows and was one of the first HBO series’ to take storytelling to a new level. It won numerous awards and was integral in helping the careers of James Gandolfini, Edie Falco and Jamie-Lyn Sigler. Here is a quick rundown of some of the most important characters on the Sopranos, none of them easily categorized in terms of good or evil, they are human who may spend too much time at the poker tables, strip club or mistress’ house but they are essentially products of their environment, not rotten to the core.

Christopher Moltisanti

A prot?g? of Tony Soprano and eventually made a Capo in the Crime family, Christopher is often compulsive and aggressive with a very short temper. Tony has a lot of patience and love for Christopher who is a nephew to him but has a few moments during the show where Christopher had to make the decision to abandon his screenwriting and Hollywood dreams to dedicate himself to the DeMio family. Christopher’s girlfriend Adriana La Cerva puts up with much abuse from Christopher but seems to genuinely care for him but moreso is addicted to the lifestyle and wealth that it brings.

Silvio Dante

Played by Bruce Springsteen E Street Band member Steven Van Zandt, Silvio Dante is one of the closest friends to Tony and is a Consigliere to the family. Silvio keeps a low profile as the owner and manager of the Bada Bing strip club. Unlike many of the other characters on the show, Silvio is very level headed, often able to keep his cool in the worst situations. He is known best for quoting lines from the Godfather III film, namely “Just when I thought I was out…they pulled me back in” to great laughter from his friends.

After a hard day’s work, sometimes you just want to escape reality

After a hard day’s work, sometimes you just want to escape reality.  Thinking about the next day and having to deal with the horrors of the treacherous boss all over again or how you have to pay all those bills that are due next week and lose weight for the upcoming family wedding can be more than overwhelming.   Sometimes, you just want to relax and escape your own problems and reality with your television set.  With today’s unending channel options with satellite tv, you will never go a minute without finding something interesting that will give you just the break you need from the real world!

No matter what kind of mood you are in at the end of the day, satellite tv has something to offer you and ease your mind for a short time.  With Monday through Friday prime time tv, there are endless options for everybody.  Within the past five years, reality tv shows have become increasingly popular.  With these popular shows, you are able to escape your own reality for a little while and submerge yourself in lives of other people as their story is told before a public audience.   With shows such as «American Idol» or «Dancing with the Stars», there are contestants that compete on a weekly basis to earn a predetermined reward that is given at the end of the season.  This often includes an interactive voting process, making the live audience an actual part of the process.  Each week after the audience has voted, one or more contestant is eliminated from the competition and the show begins the next week with fewer contestants.  The majority of these types of reality shows are based on having a certain talent, such as being the best dance or best singer.  

The other type of common reality tv show often involves a random group of people that are chose to live together.  Often, the group will have certain tasks as a whole together in order to remain in the house.  Although people are not voted off the show as in the other type, these shows are extremely interesting to watch because they show how relationships between strangers develop over a period of time.  As people get to know each other over time, it can be very interesting to see how their relationships develop, whether it be they fall in love or have very conflicting personalities.  With satellite tv, there are various options to view all kinds of reality tv shows and take a break from the stresses of life.     

It used to be that having over 25 television channels was incredibly expensive and only possible to have if you had a very well paying job and the funds to afford the more affluent life.  But with packages today, satellite television is very affordable and has deals for everyone.  You can relax for a bit, watch a tv show or tune into your favorite move, all for a very low price.

Yes, we know

Yes, we know. The Paris Hilton video tapes are famous. Everyone has heard of them. Even if you’re gay or the pope you’ve likely heard of ’em. After all, everyone is talking about it and everyone wants to see the blond tartlet strutting her stuff (which she of course didn’t ever intend for anyone to see – uh huh). And of course in this day and age everyone wants to know how to view the Paris Hilton Video for free. Well it’s really not that hard to do. A simple Google search will bring up free places where you can see the two famous sex tapes.

For those who have been living in a cave for the past 10 years by the way (hey, you never know, maybe Osama and his cronies are looking in. If you are, by the way, we want you and we will find you!), Paris Hilton is the heiress to the Hilton Hotels fortune (They own some of the marquis names in the hotel biz including of course the Hilton brand hotels, but also such places as the Waldorf Astoria). She has always had one foot in the spotlight, even a child since she was so wealthy, but she became better known when she agreed to star, together with her sister Nicky in a Fox Television reality show called The Simple Life. The idea was that they would take the two girls, who had never worked a day in their lives and dump them on a farm where they would actually have to work really hard. The show lasted a few seasons before it was canceled. But let’s get back to what you really want to know about: viewing Paris Hilton videos for free.

Well, the real boom for Paris came when a home video of her and then boyfriend Rick Salomon doing the boom boom at home was leaked onto the Internet. Paris sued the company that put it out claiming that the video was never intended for public viewing and should not be available for anyone to see. But a few years later, another tape came out with her having a lovely little bath, surrounded by bubbles and showing off her sensuous body for all to see. The same accusation was made regarding this tape and another lawsuit followed. In both cases, it is now possible to view the Paris Hilton videos for free online. They can be easily found on a variety of different video sharing services and on websites devoted to the famous diva.

Now, pati patni aur woh reality tv show on ndtv imagine is near to end

Now, Pati Patni Aur Woh reality TV Show on NDTV Imagine is near to end. It is the last phase of the Show. Last week teenagers had participated as the young children of Pati Pati in the Show. This was the third phase of the Show. Pati and Patni were very upset about the handling of their new young children. These children were very naughty, disobedient and informal. They were not ready to follow any rules of the house. A big contradiction took place in the house for each couple by their activities.

Today, a new phase introduced in Pati Patni Aur Woh Show on NDTV Imagine. This is the last phase. In this phase, Pati and Patni have to live under the elder. New “Wo” is not children. They are their elder. They are just like their grandfather and grandmother.

Kausalya Gangwani has participated in the house of Debina and Gurmeet as their “Nani Ma”. She is very soft-spoken grandmother. Debina and Gurmeet are just like Ram and Sita for her.

Sushila Pathak has participated in the house of Shilpa and Apoorva in Pati Patni Aur Woh on NDTV Imagine.

In the house of Rakhi and Elesh, Janaki Rani Arora has come as their mother. Rakhi tries to behave with her as her own mother in Pati Patni Aur Woh on NDTV Imagine.

Lav Dev has participated as the grandfather of Juhi and Sachin in the Show. Juhi is much attached with him because he is just like his own grandfather.

Vijayalakshmi Sabharwal has participated as the mother of Moni and Gaurav. She is modern and well-educated mother for them. She makes learn Shilpa about recipe cooking tips.

Each Pati Patni has to treat with them as their own grandmother, mother and grandfather. They have to show honor and humbleness towards them.

In the beginning of the Show, everyone introduce themselves with each other. After a short introduction everyone return with their mother, grandmother and grandfather in their house.

Pati Patni Aur Woh on NDTV Imagine has introduced a new aspect of life. Now, the owner of the house is their new elder. This is the very opposite situation for everyone. The best Pati Patni will be declared after this phase on Pati Patni Aur Woh by NDTV Imagine.

The American sci-fi drama Dollhouse, was a short-lived television show, as it ran for about eleven months. It was about a corporate entity, which used to operate several secret establishments, called Dollhouses. These Dollhouses used to prepare programmed members, known as Actives, who are hired by rich clients to perform various activities. The television show revolved round Echo (played by Eliza Dushku), an Active from the Los Angeles Dollhouse. The concept of the show is such that many became avid fans and wished to download Dollhouse from the internet.

When the topic of downloading TV show arises, couple of issues start to bother the users. First of all, as there are innumerable websites, it becomes almost impossible to detect the right one. Unless you approach a genuine website, there is every possibility of downloading internet viruses onto your PC. Once your PC gets infected, it tends to become slow and sometimes it might even stop working. Moreover, getting Dollhouse download from wrong websites might lead you into the pit holes of frustration, as such sites provide low quality video.

There are other websites, which only provide the links of the show. Once a user falls in the trap of such websites, then he/she will keep on wandering from one web link to another. Actually it’s a marketing policy, which is aimed at promoting any website, through the process of link building. Talking about wrong website; this type of websites usually promises free service but it should be kept in mind that nothing really comes for free. The best thing to do when you intend to download Dollhouse TV shows is to avoid such websites and bank on subscription websites.

Subscription websites are very beneficial, as they provide safe and as well as high quality content for downloading. Once you become the member of a genuine subscription website, there is no danger of transferring any malicious programs onto your PC, along with the Dollhouse download. In addition to this, you will also be provided with the updates of your favorite shows as well as any news related to the star cast. In a nut shell, by becoming a member of a subscription website, you will be able to satiate your entertainment as well as information needs.  

Although there are various modes of subscription, the most suitable ones are limited and lifetime membership. By choosing a limited membership, one can download Dollhouse episodes for a certain period of time. On the other hand, lifetime membership allows a member to download TV shows for life. It is true that a member has to pay a one-time fee, but it is a very negligible amount, which will hardly put a dent in your savings. So keep the worries out of your minds and catch Dollhouse on subscription websites, to enjoy the actual thrilling sensation.

When you put beautiful girls and handsome guys in one show, and give it a pinch (a lot of it) of sex and underage drinking in the mix, the deal is sealed. You get the number one show in the primetime TV, Gossip Girl.

Gossip Girl casts have been making noise because of their risqu? roles in the show. The content in itself is already a sure fire element that got everyone hooked on the teen drama. Moreover, the racy ad campaign that CW released for GG’s second season exponentially increased its ratings and propelled the stars’ career. Adding to this colossal controversies are the rumors surrounding Gossip Girl cast members off screen.

Blake Lively and Penn Badgley’s Steamy Photos in Mexico

Their chemistry in the show is intense. It was never a surprise then when rumors about an off screen love affair between the two young stars came out. Bladgley finally confirmed rumors when US Magazine published paparazzi photos of their escapade in Mexico. The images showed them kissing and making out in a resort in the said place.

Ed Westwick’s Snog with Drew Barrymore

Ed Westwick and Drew Barrymore were spotted sucking faces in a bar. Rumors about Westwick being Barrymore’s newest boy toy spread like wild fire. However, it was alleged that the two faked the snog upon seeing the camera. They said that it was just a trick to fool the paparazzis, and that there is definitely nothing going on between the them aside from being friends.

Another Ed Westwick Scandal

Ed Westwick is the target of lots of scandals these days, and this time, it’s with no less than co-star, Chace Crawford. Alleged gay relationship between the two leaked the same time their photobucket photos were illegally released in the internet. The photos showed the two actors driniking and frolicking around with friends. Some pictures of the two featured them with arms around each other with their bare-chest. What added to the fire is the fact that Crawford and Westwick live in one pad.

The two actors just laughed about the rumor and denied all allegations.

Chace Crawford’s Ladies

Chace has been rumored with some of the most beautiful girls in the industry starting off with Carrie Underwood. The young country diva apparently did not only grab an Idol, but a Gossip boy, as well. However, the relationship did not last long as Carrie Underwood confirmed the break up saying, “The break up is done, and we are both happy, now”.

Other actresses have been linked with this hunk including two of his co-stars, Michelle Trachtenberg and Taylor Momsen.

Taylor Momsen

Her rail-thin appearance made her an instant target of anorexia controversies. Momsen, however, denied the rumors. “I am naturally thin…and I am tall. Good genes,” replied the 15-year old star.

Her recent hospitalization scare also compounded the rumors of an eating disorder and cocaine addiction. Momsen’s camp defended the young actress by releasing an official statement saying that the hospitalization was due to a life-threatening throat infection, and anorexia has nothing to do with it.

The Casts Amidst Controversies

Bad publicity is still publicity. No matter how jarring or shallow these rumors are, Gossip Girl has never wavered in rigging in more viewers. In fact, these are probably the reasons why the show is still way up in the ratings scale. Amidst all headline-making controversies, Gossip Girl casts still continue to rule primetime TV toppling the towers of other teen-oriented soaps.

So many people are looking to watch psych 9 online

So many people are looking to Watch Psych 9 Online. Packed with great special effects, this Movie brings the viewers closer in to the reality of the Psych 9 doomsday predicitons. In spite of a DVD collection released not so long time back, there is a huge number of people who would prefer to Watch Psych 9 Online free.

There might be several reasons for that — the price of the DVD collection may be too high for some fans, or Watching Movies Online is simply more convenient for those who spend most of the time working on a computer. Your first option to try out would be direct video streaming websites, as many of them show Movies for free. Of course, a lot depends on the personal perception, but users of these websites often complain about the low quality of the picture and sound, enforced ad viewing, lots of pop-ups, slow buffering speeds and incomplete Movies. However, I’m writing this article to tell you that I found a totally hassle-free website to Watch Psych 9 Online for free.

While the word «free» works magic for many, you might feel you just do not want to compromise on the quality and ready to pay if this is the only way to enhance your viewing experience. Reasonably priced options that allow you to Watch Psych 9 Online are there, and you only need to know what and where to look for. If you go to this site, you can begin to atch Psych 9 megavideo Online free of charge in great quality within a couple of minutes. Do not waste you time and money. If you want to Watch Psych 9 Online or Download Psych 9 Full Movie.

Watch Psych 9 Full Movie


A young woman with a troubled past takes a job at a recently closed hospital to collate patient records.

Working alone in the building after dark, she experiences a series of unsettling events that lead her to believe the hospital may be connected to a number of recent murders in the area.

To uncover the truth, she has to solve the mystery of her own disturbing past.

Cable TV, Digital Phone, and Road Runner High-Speed Online Internet are all provided by Time Warner Cable.  This company does more than just provide cable.  They have everything you need so you don’t have to go to many different companies.  They have taken advantage of all the digital world has to offer and have brought it right to your doorstep in one easy bundle.

The digital phone services offered through Time Warner Cable is the best way to go.  You aren’t required to sign a long-term agreement with them to be able to have their services.  This is a big benefit, especially if you find you move around quite a bit.  If you have to relocate after six months, you won’t break a two year contract.   Many companies require a two-year commitment that obligates you to pay for the entire term of the contract even if you decide to cancel their services.  This can save you lots of money if you frequently relocate.

Road Runner High-Speed Online Internet service offered through Time Warner Cable has 24 hour support, 7 days a week.  This is an excellent benefit for many reasons.  If you run your business at home and rely on your Internet connection you need to be able to call your provider at all times.  It’s possible that a modem could break or inclement weather could sever your connection.  The support line is available twenty four hours a day for any assistance you may need.  Their support is quick and reliable.  You can only reach most Internet providers during certain hours, so if you wait to call when you get home from work their business hours are done for the day. The customer service hours at Time Warner Cable are 24 hours.  The internet is always open and so is your internet connection if you have Time Warner Cable.  They can help you with any questions or issues you might have about your Internet any time of day or any day of the week. Even during holidays they are easily reached.

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Time Warner Cable allows their customers to have one bill for their internet, cable tv, and telephone.  They are not merely providing cable TV.  Relax…you’ll have the best connection possible and access to their exceptional customer service.  You can get a digital phone with many features even without signing a contract.  A great way to save money is to choose all three services with Time Warner Cable’s «All the Best Bundle.»

Welcome, The Vampire Diaries pounced on our Television when the series was 1st shown. The collection will air each Thursday at 8:00PM ET.

It is Elena’s first day time back again at Mystic Falls Large College since the sad death of her parents. Also with Aunt Jenna, Elena tries her greatest to look after her troubled brother, Jeremy, and attempt to salvage what household they’ve left.

The initial day turns out to become a struggle for Elena till sudenly she meets the mysterious new boy at institution, his name Stefan. Elena is touched that he can relate to what she’s proceeding via.

What Elena doesn’t know is that Stefan is a vampire, continually rejecting the urge to taste her blood. As their undeniable connection grows stronger, Stefan’s really hazardous older brother, Damon, shows as much as wreak havoc within the town of Mystic Falls — and claim Elena for his personal amusement.

«Vampire Diaries» revolves close to a young woman whose torn between two vampire brothers. The brothers — one particular good, one evil — are battling for her soul, as well as the souls of her pals, spouse and children as well as the small town where they stay.

This is a season of Vampires.Exhibits like Correct Blood and movies like Twilight are doing actually great and are gaining lots of Viewer ship.Hence CW didn’t want to stay behind in the Vampire race and has adapted the «Vampire Diaries» book into a demonstrate.The indicate is premiering this September 10,2009.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES first started and was bestselling book series from Alloy Entertainment
, It absolutely was recently been re-released and we are loving its time about the New York Times Ideal Sellers list.
I totally recommend this television present.Its just Brilliant.

If you are one of those blind followers of the Indian television’s daily soaps then please mend your way to a lane of your interest…as there is definitely not anything impressing your eagerness here.

I really wish if these Indian TV soap creators could have found something better to do with their own lives, then probably there wouldn’t have been such huge destruction of human minds (which includes 90% middle aged women) to be prolonged for a tenure longer than the Hiroshima and Nagasaki devastation! God knows what the regular audience finds in this bunch of mess where tears comes in the measure of gallons and the costume and makeup weighs none lesser than a quintal !! And if by any chance a character amongst all those similar looking ones goes through an accident or unfortunately dies, half the population of the country mourns in sorrow.

If you are wondering about that breathtaking bill of your mother’s mobile phone ..think again! Wasn’t Tapasya planning to snatch Veer away from Iksha? Ofcourse your mom had to share it with someone else too just to calm herself down!

They call it to be a sort of Ghar ghar ki kahani or whatsoever for that reason…but does it even touch the borderline of reality too? It takes a full whole week to telecast a simple wedding, a month to introduce the bride to all the fellows of family and then just a year to switch off to the next generation. Above all, you cannot differentiate between a grandson and his grandpa by their hair colour or physique as a matter of fact. There’s just a difference of a zero power trendy spectacles. And then I find the viewers so indulged into this crap that they feel to be personally offended if tried to be reality checked.

Whatever folks,but apply your brains. This is not entertainment. Its just creeping inside your head. Find something more meaningful to be entertained than this. I am sure when Mr. J.L. Baird invented this unique box of entertainment,even he wouldn’t have thought it to be misused like this one day.

But at the end of the day,choice is all yours! Thats all I can say….