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Hydra Properties LLC, one of the world’s largest commercial developers has launched Hydra Executives (Nov. 28, 2007) at the Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills, CA. Casting for the first International reality TV series
“The Hydra Executives” begins on December 15, 2007 also at the Hilton.

Beverly Hills Mayor Jimmy Delshad welcomed the Hydra Properties team at the media brunch and launch. “We may be the rich city in Beverly Hills, CA, but Abu Dhabi has the most millionaires, we salute you,” he said during the reality TV show launch ceremony.

The show will feature a cast of budding American and British entrepreneurs to be filmed in Abu Dhabi, but broadcast entirely in English. The reality TV series was created by CEO Sulaiman Al-Fahim, Hydra Properties LLC, a leading Abu Dhabi-based international real estate company and the key backer of the show. Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority and Chamber of Commerce and Industry are also sponsoring the show. According to Fahim around $5 million would be spent on the first season.

“We are inviting 16 entrepreneurs, eight Americans and eight Brits, to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates to compete against each other for 15 weeks,” said Al-Fahim. “Contestants will fly to the capital city of Abu Dhabi where they will spend their first 2 weeks in boot camp to learn the art of the real estate deal and how to identify various playing fields. Following this they will be split into two mixed teams to compete in real estate business assignments for a three month period.”

At the end of the competition one winner will walk away with the grand prize worth $1 million to set up his or her own style real estate venture.

The executive boardroom-style program is currently being shopped for global distribution in March 2008. It is being produced in association with Showtime Arabia, which is partly owned by Viacom, and Dubai’s Infinity TV.

“It’s little like the Olympics of reality TV,” explained co-host and Executive Producer Ziad Batal. “The show brings 16 contestants into United States and United Kingdom in international teams to compete in business challenges spread over the UAE’s thriving capital of Abu Dhabi. The winner receives a $1 million funding prize to start his or her business there. Other proposed reality TV programs in the works include an India vs. Pakistan edition.”

Batal also said the UAE government is rolling out the red carpet for the show. The TV show is expected to provide global exposure to the country and its multibillion-dollar real estate industry. “It’s really about attracting tourists and people who want to do business here.”

Casting Director Beverly Pomerantz has a long list of hit reality shows including “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader.” The Director is JC Caliciano, LA Producers. Eligible candidates are required to have a background in real estate and/or architecture, engineering, sales, marketing and finance. They should also reflect qualities of success: passion, risk taking, dynamic people skills, multidisciplinary perspectives, innovation and change. The show is set to air in March 2008.

“This all English reality show will be amongst the first of its kind for the Middle East audience and also the first involving the region’s real estate sector,” said CEO Marc-Antoine d’Halluin, Showtime Arabia. “We are delighted to be part of this great endeavor that Hydra has chosen and feel that this is one of the most creative shows that we’ve seen to date.”

Showtime has already pledged to broadcast Hydra Executives in Asia and the Middle East, according to Batal, and negotiations are ongoing with the major US and European production houses for distribution in their broadcast areas.

“Foreigners don’t watch Arabic, but Arabs watch English programming. Now they’ll be getting a taste of both worlds,” said Batal. Batal is no stranger to hit TV shows. He is also the creator of Street Smarts, a reality TV show entering its third season on Infinity TV, and he produces Showtime’s Shake the Stadium, which aired this year.

Al-Fahim is known more for his successful global real estate projects than the TV industry. Hydra Properties’ latest real estate ventures include half a dozen high-rise properties in the UAE and a $500 million mixed residential complex in Mazatlan, Mexico.

“Al-Fahim doesn’t do the Donald Trump ‘you’re fired’ kind of thing,” explained Batal. “It’s more like a tourist greeting, ‘Welcome to my country, I am your host and let’s get you connected to business in Abu Dhabi.’”

Additionally, the 16 contestants will be exposed to the cr?me de la cr?me of the UAE’s business society, allowing each to set up needed networks. The entrepreneurs, hand-picked by Al-Fahim, will benefit from his tips and advice as they go through their various business dealings.

“It’s entertainment, but of a different kind,” said Al-Fahim, “It’s about the world of adventure, about doing something that hasn’t been done before, or doing something differently.”

Hydra Properties is changing the landscape of the UAE. Its mission is to provide more than just properties. Hydra Properties delivers the latest concepts in state-of-the-art living. Driven by a passion for excellence, Hydra Properties will be the name behind some of the most prestigious residential and business developments in the UAE.

Hydra Properties utilizes its professional expertise to manage projects from end to end including land purchase, appointment of award-winning architects, execution and monitoring of projects with contractors and follow-up to final handover. The processes and practices that are followed are in line with world standards. Hydra Properties is renowned for its ability to provide superior product value. Hydra Properties YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5B62RLeJcEw

Betty Suarez is a courageous, good-hearted, and slightly naive girl from Queens, New York who is sorely lacking in fashion sense. She is abruptly thrust into a different world when she lands a job at Mode, a trendy high fashion magazine based in Manhattan that is part of the publishing empire of the wealthy Bradford Meade.

Bradford’s son Daniel has just been installed as Editor-in-Chief of Mode following the death of Fey Sommers (Bradford’s longtime mistress). Bradford hires Betty as his son’s newest personal assistant in an attempt to stop his womanizing son from sleeping with another attractive assistant. As time goes by, Betty and Daniel become friends and help each other navigate their professional and personal lives. All these funny plots you can see from Ugly Betty Seasons 1-2 DVD Box set.

At the fashion Week happens to be one of my favorite weeks!

At that night, Ugly Betty showed us what it would be like to be in the thick of it all from the standpoint of anyone at Mode. In «Smokin’ Hot», Betty finally gets to cover a fashion show and ends up finding a great designer, Marissa. Why is it that after all these years, she still has such a hard time standing up for herself? 

It was really nice to see Wilhelmina relate to Betty and even compliment her! We were really surprised by that one!

As much fun as it has been to have Helen guest star on the show, we are glad to see her ship has sailed. We find her character to be overly annoying. But, she did bring out a good side in Amanda.

I think this episode which show on the discount dvd, primarily meant the most for Amanda. She even said so herself — everyone else is moving up and on and she has been stuck. Finally realizing her potential as a stylist is awesome! Hopefully, we will see more of her work in the future. Rachel Zoe better watch out!

My biggest disappointment had to be Claire. Why did she give up her child? And after all this time, why is it so difficult for her to tell Daniel he has a brother? What kind of mom is she? Ugh. I guess we just have to wait and see how this storyline plays out…our only hope is that she gets what she deserves!
Oh! And how incredibly hot is Claire’s illegitimate son!? Just saying…

Lastly, we gotta talk about the mysterious fire. We were absolutely sure that Bobby was the one to start the fire — especially having Hilda complain to him about her salon. Who would have guessed that Justin would do such a dumb thing?

You can get so much fun from this TV drama and at the same times you can learn what is the most important in our life. And you can understand the angel sometimes is not that beautiful as what in your imagine and the ugly one may as beautiful as an angel. Let’s see more about the lovely Betty from the discount dvd sets from our discount dvd online store.

A flat LCD TV is an enormous acquisition because of the low profile and special efficiency, but not that alone. It is also a great because it offers the highest decree of any TVs, and also because it has squatted glares almost no glare at all.

This is because the profile of flat lcd TV means that, unlike a normal curved TV screen, which draws light from any direction and propels it to flat you in the form of glare, it is only susceptible to light turbulence from an exacting bearing, kind of like a mirror, and unless there is a powerful light source there right in that specific spot, it will not replicate it back at you.

The explanation for having a flat screen is because it does not have a cathode ray tube like a normal TV. Cathode ray tube or ctr is basically a gun that shoots out electrons at high speed at the surface of a normal TV. A pixel is given on the screen the electrons strike a surface that fluoresces. This means that a ctr must have an arched screen and enough depth to position an electron gun at the back to discharge the image out of the TV.

A flat LCD TV does not have a ctr tube but, instead a light source with polarizing filters and a thin layer of liquid crystals between, it can be very thin and efficient. It also uses less power by far than a normal TV so although initially, it will cost more than a ctr TV. Ultimately it will actually save you money by cutting down on your electricity bill but the best thing about it, its clarity of the image. Its clearness is most evident when you look at DVD movies which are at a higher resolution than normal TV.

Television is one of the greatest inventions ever made

Television is one of the greatest inventions ever made. It allows us to escape the reality of our lives for the duration of our television viewing. This makes us feel relaxed and often times happy, so television can’t be a bad thing. For millions of Americans the love affair with their TV can often times turn sour. This is based on the fact that in this day age where we have more channels than we could possibly watch there is often times nothing on television. This article will examine the phenomenon of having hundreds of channels and not having anything to watch.

The main reason people feel as if there is nothing on the tube is the fact that we as humans have a short attention span. This translates to people switching from a channel once they become bored or disinterested. As they flip and they see nothing that really entice them they continue till they end up on the original channel in which they decided was boring the first place. The only people who think they have too many channels, are the ones who are engaged and have an attention span that keeps them glued to one channel.

With the growth of niche television channels, this eventually led to the growth of sub channels dedicated to things such as trout fishing and video games. This eventually led to there being a glut of channels in which only a few people were interested. For regular television watchers, this would add to the bane of them not having anything to watch because in their incessant flipping they end up in a patch of channels in which they have no interest in.

Have a large amount of channels is a good thing to some people but in reality less is better. If you only had a couple of channels, like people without cable or satellite television then you would be forced to watch whatever came on the TV. You would become adjusted to what channels show what show and create a viewing habit based off that. You would basically create your own TV viewing schedule and you would not stray from the fact that there is nothing to watch on television.

In the end people will continue to complain about them not having anything on the tube to watch. There minds are easily distracted and that’s why it will always seem there is nothing to watch. The surge of uninteresting niche channels also added to the death of television. Finally less is better and more is just a headache.

The folks at DirecTV have set the new standard in promotional giveaways with their new promotional package, that they are holding out for anyone who wants to join their family of TV viewers. One problem that people have with it though, is that they can’t believe that there is not some hidden catch or extra surprise charges in this deal, because it is so generous an offer.

DirecTV does not play the hidden charges game and when you join the DirecTV family of viewers you pay only for the programming that you are receiving and nothing else at all. It’s just that simple. Since its inception in nineteen-ninety-four, DirecTV has also set the standard in over all customer satisfaction and J.D.Power and associates has recognized them for this for the last five years in a row.

A business does not get the level of recognition for customer satisfaction that DirecTV has by playing stupid games with their customers. When you join the DirecTV family of viewers you receive a complete top of the line Hughes satellite system, absolutely free of charge and it comes completely installed at no cost to you.

DirecTV only uses its in house team of installation experts, so you can be assured that the job will always be done right. It’s a complete satellite system, including the dish and your choice of receiver, depending on your needs and the programming package that you have.

DirecTV also does free installation in up to four rooms in your home or business and will supply all the satellite receivers that you need for up to four TV sets to be connected to satellite service. There is still more yet, because the folks at DirecTV also throw in a free digital camera, just for good measure. Free channel trials at DirecTV are a fairly common thing also, as well as cash rebates.

All of this comes to you for only the cost of the programming package and that is all. If you are a current cable programming service customer than you might find this all to hard to believe, after the experiences you have had dealing with your cable company. How much money did your cable service provider charge you for just the installation in your home, when they hooked you up to their over priced service?

Does your cable service provider give you free Sirius satellite radio programming, like DirecTV does? DirecTV broadcasts all its programming digitally and wouldn’t think of charging extra for it like cable service providers do. When you are ready to make the step up from cable service to satellite TV programming, why not step up to the leader in sports programming and get a truck load of free goods and services while you are at it.

DirecTV carries twenty-five channels of sports programming and that doesn’t include the channels that they have signed exclusive programming deals to. Make the right choice when you sign on for satellite programming and you ill be sure that you will have everything that you need and more for great times watching your TV.

This appears to be to possess provided a fatal blow toward actor’s profession which could be evident from your reality that he hasn’t obtained a lot of roles following he was fired from Grey’s Anatomy. Nonetheless the certainty is the existing kept on progressing in spite of his absence.

But guys do not get so carried away. Let’s speak about the exhibit.

Within final episode, ‘Do The Appropriate Thing’ we acquired to ascertain the struggle of Grey girls, Lexie and Meredith on coming to realize that their father Thatcher needed a liver transplant.

Even though hesitantly but Meredith created a option to turn out getting a donor for her father. It generally feels like a stretch on the episode when mom and dad of each and every medical health practitioner existing up a assortment of events about the exhibit.

But this doesn’t retain correct in just the situation of Grey’s Anatomy credited towards the fact the producers discover how you can create a perfect balance.

Then what tickled our funny bones was the arrival of an old man for penis implant. All situations associating it like the brawl created through the man’s son who didn’t want him to receive the implant kept the signify alive.

Grey’s Anatomy seems to become really committed to create certain victories for ABC Network.

The display continued its recognition stint inside of the 18-49 demos towards the nighttime of October, eight main ABC to its third Thursday night time time victory in the pretty line, making a record of sorts. The existing even now dominates inside of 18-49 groups.

This Thursday evening time, when the episode entitled ‘Tainted Obligation’ was on air; it scored a massive 13.eight million outshining its opponents.

The display doing work in its sixth season has by no indicates lost its popularity due for the truth its pilot episode, ‘A Challenging Day’s Night’ premiered on March 27, 2005. I know the episode ought to be on the other hand fresh inside of your minds.

The technology of a Plasma television is based loosely on a fluorescent light bulb. The display in itself consists of cells. Between every cell, a little space separates the two glass panels wherein a neon-xenon gas gets injected and then sealed in the form of plasma during the process of manufacturing. The gas is then electrically charged at some specific intervals when the Plasma TV set is finally in use. The gas which is charged, then strikes red, blue and green phosphors, hence creating a television image finally. Each different group of red, blue and green phosphors is called a pixel or a picture element. Although Plasma TV technology eliminates the requirement for the huge picture tube and electron beam scanning of regular televisions, because it still however employs the burning of phosphors to produce an image, Plasma TVs still do suffer from a number of drawbacks of traditionally big televisions, like heat generation and screen-burn of the static images.i.e. www.audiovideoking.com

LCD televisions use an entirely different technology. Basically, all LCD panels are made up of two layers of a transparent material that are polarized, and are then glued together. One of these layers is then coated with a particular polymer which holds the individual liquid crystals. Then the current is passed through the different individual crystals, which allow all the crystals to block or pass light to create images. LCD crystals can not produce the light of their own, so an external light source, like a florescent bulb is required for the image formed by the LCD TV to become visible to the viewers.

Unlike standard Plasma and CRT televisions, because there are no phosphors which lights up, less power is required for the operation and the source of light in an LCD TV produces less heat than any Plasma or the regular traditional televisions.

TV Installation TV Installers Los Angeles TV Installation

Are you one of those who hate to pay those expensive regular cable Television bills? If you are and you seriously need an alternative here is introducing to you the new Satellite Direct TV for PC software that will greatly amaze you, the only TV software that is worth the money. It will cost you half the price of a months worth of cable Television subscription of only 49.95$, and this is a life time membership fee, no hidden costs, no tricks, no gimmicks.

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The standard procedure of acquiring Satellite Direct is easy, firstly you need to register yourself as a member of the website by ordering online and providing your payment details, you will then proceed to download the TV software and install it in your PC, the moment you are done with this process you will now get instant access to over 3500 HD worldwide TV channels live on your PC without having to think about paying those monthly bills again. Get your Satellite Direct TV for PC here.

In nearly every family there is some form of sibling rivalry, usually spurred on by jealousy or contempt. Sibling rivalry was an understatement when it came to the Rogers family. There were two brothers, Will and Kenny. Will was the older of the two and he had animosity for his younger brother Ken, ever since the the first day he laid his eyes on him in the hospital. Most sibling rivalries diminish as the children get older, but that was not the case in the Rogers family. To make things worse, Kenny suffered from ADHD which could even worsen the situation when he got very hyperactive.

The television was a constant problem. The parents had not allowed the children to have their own televisions in their room, so they were relegated to sharing the living room television. With their satellite television, there was always something on to watch, but it was always a competition for the remote and when one of them wanted to watch something, the other wanted to watch something else. They had to have certain times when they were allowed to have the remote so that hostility could be avoided.

Finally, there was an explosion that resulted in the parents changing their stance about having televisions in their bedrooms. It was the Christmas vacation and they were in their ski chalet in Sun Valley, Idaho. Will was a freshman in college and it was his first time coming home from school. He brought five of his friends to learn to ski and snowboard and have a great time in the snow, because most of them were from the southern United States so it was a neat experience to be surrounded by snow.

During the day they were on the slopes and at night they were cruising around in Will’s car, or hanging out with some of his friends. Kenny, who wasn’t old enough to drive stayed at home and had access to all the satellite television he wanted, without any interruptions. This all changed when Will and his friends were driving home one night and hit a patch of ice that ended with the car rolled over in a snow bank. Everyone was totally fine, but the car stopped working after that, so they were confined to the house at night after that. There was no way that either of Will’s parents were going to let him use their car.

Kenny did not handle this new change very well, and was not afraid to share his feelings. He had been up in his room peacefully playing a video game on his computer and when he came down to watch television, he was very unhappy to see the den full of Will and his friends. The remote was lying on a coffee table and Kenny immediately snatched it and started changing the channels. The guys got annoyed because they were in the middle of a movie. Will tackled Kenny to the floor and wrestled the remote away from him. Kenny charged upstairs to their parent’s bedroom where they were watching television and grabbed the remote from them and came charging downstairs and threw the remote as hard as he could.

When Will came to, he was riding in the back of his parent’s car; his head was killing him and was wrapped in a towel. The last thing he remembered was seeing Kenny throwing the remote. His parents said that he had been knocked out and he was definitely going to need some stitches. He got fixed up at the hospital and returned home.

His parents discussed it, and they were seriously embarrassed by Kenny. Kenny was grounded to his room without television for the remainder of the vacation. The parents decided that to avoid future incidents like this one, they would add satellite television connections to both of the boy’s rooms. They contacted the satellite company and discovered it was very cheap to add the new receivers. No one was sure if Kenny had learned his lesson, but everyone was sure that it wouldn’t happen again.