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Zee TV is one of the most popular Hindi entertainment channel covering family drama, game shows, reality shows and daily soaps, etc. In one word it true to say that it is giving complete entertainment to viewers. Inspite of tough competition between several channels Zee TV has managed to get hold its premium position.

The reason behind its success is that it moves away from Shaas –Bahu serials to reality shows and to the serials that are showing, the suffering and exploitation of people belonging to rural and urban India like Agle Janam mohe bitiya hi kijo, Pavitra rista, Jansi ki Rani, 12/24 Karol Bagh etc are some daily soaps that are totally different from family fights of shaas-bahu serials.

Zee TV Online – a Variety of Popular Shows

Earlier, Zee channel like Doordarshan has shown variety of serials in a single channel such as news bulletin, sports, award shows, concerts, religious programme, cookery and health shows etc. But  with the passage of time it short out news bulletins and sports show on different channels which are especially meant for them because Zee channel knows that nowadays viewers has tremendous variety to watch or get entertainment and if they will not change according to  the demand of time they will loss the game.

That is so Zee TV online has introduced some fresh daily soaps that are entirely different from usual boring family fights and love triangle shows.

Agle  Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo  a  newly daily soap aired on Zee channel  representing a moving story of the Protagonist Laali  who is 17 year old  girl living with her three younger siblings and parents from Bihar in the background of poverty.  

This serial is not just representing a struggling girl but along with it shows the corruptions and exploitation of poor people, the shameful practice of selling girls to rich people, early marriages, etc. This serial covers lot of issues that lead viewers to know that in India there are many places where these types of evil act and events are still practicing.

Zee TV – Entertainment for the Family

The serial like Pavitra Rista which is also a new daily soap representing the middle class family where the bonding of a mother and daughter is the theme. Here in this story the sole aim of mother is to find a suitable match for her daughter. The heroine of this story is not well educated but she is good in all house hold work. She faces lot of obstacles to find suitable match and the worse thing about her is that after her marriage she find that her in-laws cheated her.

These daily soaps has new concept which will add taste and flavor for your entertainment.

In addition to the family drama, Zee TV has a cookery show named as Khana Kazana anchored by Sanjeev Kapoor the famous chef of India who tells different kinds of dishes from all across the world. He shares his secret of dishes, desserts and bakeries, etc.

We all knew that in this fast moving world where people have no time to talk with each other they hardly find time to and it is also seen that those who are interested in watching TV shows many a times missed because of some urgent works or other excuses. To sort- out this problem Zee channel brought Zee TV online that is of advanced technology where you can watch your favorite programme without sitting at your home.

We all knew that among all TV channels, their shows and serials are the handy weapons to win the competition of TRP. Well in the case of Zee channel, it is ready to face the competition with its new and exciting shows.

According to Taiwan media reports, TSMC is expected to get into a stake in SMIC, TSMC chairman Morris Chang yesterday (12) that the SMIC is not to obtain a 10% stake, is 8%, TSMC is completely passive , and there is no intention of co-operation, nor hold too much hope on this.

As for market shares through SMIC TSMC to determine further opportunities for cooperation, Chang stressed that access to SMIC’s stock is totally passive. Asked whether she would make to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing shares apply for? He said: «the premise that the Act permitted.» There is no such intention in cooperation with the SMIC does not hold great expectations.

TSMC 120 million yuan, and donations from the Department of Chemistry, alumni contributions to the Friends raise funds to build a «Museum of National Taiwan University, Ji-xue,» unveil a monument to the completion ceremony was held yesterday, TSMC chairman Morris Chang to attend to participate. Richard Chang, founder of the SMIC in the litigation settlement was announced on the outgoing message, Chang said that «this individual has no view.»

Ji-Chang at National Taiwan University Science Museum inaugurated, the present operation of the semiconductor is very optimistic about the economy and TSMC, SMIC, he is also very pleased to work with the results of litigation to reach a settlement, he explained, so that the results show TSMC’s intellectual property rights to obtain protection, TSMC’s position, of course, hope to reach a settlement.

At the dedication ceremony, he pointed out that the plot study at National Taiwan University Museum In addition to taking the product of TSMC and Department of Chemistry, outside of school two words, represents the accumulated knowledge, TSMC have always tried to knowledge-based economy in Taiwan Province and Taiwan technology industry to contribute.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company yesterday (12) on shares closed at flat plate, to 62.2 yuan to close at NT, the share price does not continue to respond SMIC shares subject; SMIC to restore the first day of trading rose 73% over the next day resume trading yesterday, down 0.05 Hong Kong dollar, closing price of 0.61 Hong Kong dollars, was down 7.58 percent.

You can watch live tv shows online from now on

You can watch live TV shows online from now on. This means you can watch online TV shows live on your computer screen. You cannot only watch your favorite sports live, you can also watch news and musical programs on your computer screen.

You will experience something different when you will watch TV shows online for free. This is a great way of watching online TV shows. You just need to have a computer and an Internet connection to watch TV online.

There are different ways of watching TV shows online. You cannot only make use of online sites to watch out your favorite TV shows. You can rather use PC TV cards to watch live TV shows online. Whichever way you feel comfortable in watching TV shows, you can use that way to watch out the TV program.

Many people are still not aware of the concept of watching live TV online. With watching online TV shows you can save lots of your money. You can watch TV online for free of cost. There are many TV programs that you can watch online. The same TV programs you can watch them on regular TV.

If you think that the quality of the TV programs that you will see are not good, then you are totally wrong. The program quality over the net is good and you will enjoy watching them. They are similar to what you get to see on your cable TV. You can watch sports or musical programs or anything that you get to see live on your computer screen.

The concept of live TV online has put a huge smile on the face of people. It is true that about ninety percent of people like watching live TV shows. But the ten percent who do not like to watch live TV have also become fond of watching online TV programs live. However, its great news that with advent of Internet the people who aren’t even fond of watching TV have started to watch live TV online.

People even before few years back couldn’t think of watching TV live online. But now this has become possible with the advent of Internet. About millions of people all over the world are fond of watching online TV. They make the best use of the online TV channels sites to watch out their favorite program.

There’s really no improved notion than having a beneficent laugh, and video shows that can screw us actuation on the construction are ofttimes our favorites. Today, there’s no shortfall of majuscule comedic shows to prefer from. Whether you eff a raunchy sagaciousness of pander, or equal your comedy on the intelligent support, there’s something out there for virtuous virtually everyone.

Don’t hump what to timepiece this hebdomad? Examine out this enumerate of the funniest shows on telecasting, then pitch on your HD housing strainer tv and get fit to vocalization.

The Office- NBC’s qualification winning sitcom virtually your funnier than medium staff has been making audiences utterance for almost a decennium. The present is projectile in a mockumentary tool, making the comedy that often solon impelling. Steve Stall as employer Michael Author is easily one of the funniest men on video.

Entourage- This HBO hit most a Feeling stellar man and his friends is edgy, raunchy, and of layer, screaming. The boys get ride pricey cars, charged in houses visored with infinity pools dominating definition tvs, and mostly wreak havoc on the municipality of Los Angeles. Their antics are oftentimes sensational and unanalyzed, but always fun.

Parks and Recreation-Another NBC hit projectile in a mockumentary name equivalent The Role, this comedy stars screaming SNL aluminum Amy Poehler, as fountainhead as onetime gathering member from The Role, Rasida Golfer. The pretense takes site in wee townspeople Indiana, and follows the metropolis’s officials as they misguidedly endeavour to stronghold the port lengthwise smoothly.

New Family- This new hit show on ABC has already earned itself a Golden Sphere nomination in memory of its comedic creativity. Shadowing ternion families as they assemblage with the hilarious happenings of day to day stemma existence, it is clever, insightful and implausibly entertaining.

Glee- Meet beating out Contemporary Family for the Metallic Orb, this FOX conduct some a peaky polish Glee hit has turn a soul success. The direct is endeavour comedy, thing singable, that also sends a contact message most permissiveness and knowing, Advantageous, the penalisation is rattling and will somebody you dancing in your extant populate.

Adorn of the Conchords- Added HBO comedy that has a faith multitude, Aviation of the Conchords is a hilarious perception at two friends from New Sjaelland attempting to gap into the sound industry in New Royalty. They are emphatically clueless, though ever loveable, and their banding’s handler Lexicologist may be one of the funniest characters on television.

30 Rock- NBC’s comedic behemoth has dyspnoeic the rivalry out of the element in the terminal duo of geezerhood. Ever comprehensive the awards demonstration and a pet of critics, 30 Pitch has set the normal for telecasting comedy. Created by SNL aluminum Tina Fey and also starring Alec Statesman, the impart takes situate on the set of a fictionalized convey sculptural after Sabbatum Nighttime Active.

Eastbound & Down- This sour HBO comedy is around a clean up sports topology who returns to his hometown to thatch animal education. He is malapropos and gross, and spends most of his constituent instance imbibing, doing drugs and chasing women. This one is definitely for an older audience, but worth checking out.

Family Guy is an American animated sitcom that is aired on small screens and this show is garnering jillions of viewers along with its each episode. Most of the fans who fail to watch this show on its scheduled timings go surfing on net. They browse the web to download Family Guy episodes.

Family Guy TV show centers on Griffin’s family, a dysfunctional family including Lois, Peter and their children Stewie, Chris and Meg and Brian which is their pet dog. This animated show is being admired by huge fans all around the globe. Family Guy TV show has been nominated eleven times for Primetime Emmy Awards and eleven Annie Awards, and has won three of each.

If you are also one of the fans of Family Guy you must have put all your efforts to download Family Guy episodes from various sites. Most of the fans have to strive for hours to come across their desired show. As they are stuck in catch-22, despite this they have to go through several other troubles.

Whenever you visit the various sites most of the sites display exaggerated terms, like download Family Guy on dirt-cheap tariffs, gratis alternatives and a lot more. To captivate the fans toward their sites they usually come up with striking offers, but none of these sites provide any type of safety setup that your PC calls for.

Your desired PC has to undergo virus attacks that can wreck your system. Notwithstanding this you can not avail the picture quality, sound quality and other features that you can’t compromise upon, to watch Family Guy TV show.

Now you must be thinking so what to do in such state of affairs.
You need not be anxious regarding any type of above nuisance. My honest opinion is that you should opt for subscription websites. These websites provide you spectacular picture quality, invincible sound superiority, rapid buffering speed so that you don’t land up wasting your precious time in order to download Family Guy episodes.

Subscription web sites provide exceptional services to their subscribers only. These sites provide you with the options designed to suit your needs and requirements that is, limited subscription and life time subscription. In limited subscription you can enjoy the services of these sites for certain period of time like six months, one year or two year. On the other hand, a life time subscription gives you unlimited access.

These sites make Family Guy download a child’s play. Within a few minutes Family Guy TV show will be yours. Furthermore your PC is secured against various threats. You can blindly rely on these sites.

Although these sites are charging for their services but these charges are peanuts in comparison to the privileges that they offer. Moreover it is less expensive than the security of your valued PC. To watch Family Guy online through these sites gives you an amazing experience. So let not your PC suffer more torments of net bugs.

It is my warm proposal for all the fans of Family Guy TV show; make sure that you click only on a dependable site when you browse net. Download Family Guy episodes with utmost quality of sound, picture and buffers.

So don’t think just move the cursor and click to subscribe to these sites. And accomplish your quest to download Family Guy.

If you’re reading this I’m guessing you’re interested in watching television on the computer. You may have heard all the buzz about the future of television lately, how nobody is paying their monthly cable bills anymore. That’s right, people all over the world are saving big money, and if you haven’t done so yet, it’s time to watch television on the computer.

There are several reasons why it is advantageous to watch television on the computer. The main reason is that you get thousands of channels in HD, which is a lot better than what you get with cable. Another big reason why it is a lot better is because you don’t have to pay month after month like you do with cable or satellite TV providers. Often times, the quality is also a lot better. It is so easy to set up. You just have to go somewhere that gives you the link to watch television on the computer. Then you register, download the software and voila! You have thousands of TV channels offering you unlimited live sports, movies, TV shows and pay per view events.

I have a lot of friends that started to watch television on the computer after they saw me do it, because they were sick of not getting all the good shows and sports events, while still paying every month. The cable companies are hoping that word doesn’t get out about this because they think they will lose a lot of money in the process. They don’t want average people like you and me to stop paying them every single month; they want every penny out of us. A way to save big money is change the way you think of television and start to watch television on the computer today. You can even connect your computer to your TV and get all those great channels right on your TV.

Watch live stream tv shows from your pc

Watch Live Stream TV Shows From Your Pc

There are many ways to watch live streaming TV shows from the web without having to pay the monthly fees. This will need you to have a special software to download the free pc TV channels from the internet into your computer at home. The best quality software that comes with 3500 free channels is called the satellite direct TV software. This package is available from the internet at any time of day or night 24/7. Click here to go to the site now .

How Can I Watch Live Streaming TV from the Web for Absolutely Free

To watch the free channels form your pc make sure you have a fast enough computer processor for the heavy TV files. The pc should have a speed of atleast 300 MHz to allow it to download the free pc TV files fast on the internet. The virtual memory of your monitor should be atleast 40mb for it to be able to handle the images without hanging midstream. Usually, the computer you have should be a Pentium 4 and these already have these specs in place.

You also need a stable internet connection with speeds of atleast 56kbps. You can even watch free satellite TV streams with a dial up connection although broadband high speed internet service is usually much faster. The best part with this software for free live streaming TV shows is that you can watch the channels from anywhere in the world. This is of course as long as they have a stable internet service.

What Can I Watch From Free Live Streaming Pc TV Software?

There are over 3500 free channels with this software from 78 countries around the world. This means that you will definitely have several hundred channels from your own country. Infact, over 700 free channels are from the United States alone.

Some of the programming that come with this free pc TV software include kids TV, documentaries, movies, episodes, series, shopping, educational, sports, discovery channel, nat geo, hunting, racing, sci-fi, drama, comedy, and much more. You will simply be spoilt for choice with this software and the truth is that they are all for free and none has any monthly subscription fees at all.

How Much is the Damage?

For more than 3500 free channels online, you will only part with a onetime only set up fee of $49.95. This means that for $49.95 one time only fee, you will have unlimited access to all the channels, great support, automatic updates to the software as long as you are online and lifetime membership including the software of course. This deal is far better than the sometimes crappy cable TV service which costs upwards of $50 a month for the premium channels.

Read more details about this software by visiting the website from the links at the end of this article.

So, if you want to enjoy the best quality and top Free Live Fox, Cbs, Abc, Nbc, Live Stream TV , you can use the same service I use to watch all Online streaming football, News & Movies; Click Right Here!!


Hello. If you have a Sonicview 360 ELITE and no USB stick this is the tutorial that you should follow in order to get your unit back up and working.
You can get all of the files below at our FTA FORUM you will need the latest FTA KEYS 1) Download the Loader program here
2) Download the most recent Bin file —
3) Download WINZIP here
4) Now, UNZIP the loader to your desktop
5) In the same directory you copied your LOADER to unzip the latest BIN file
6) Hook up via serial cable your Sonicview 360 Premier to your computer
7) Once your premier is hooked up to your computer click on STB/CONNECT
8) It will ask you to allocate a COM port, try COM 1, it will either say success or fail, if fail try COM 2, then Com 3, until it says, success
9) Then click on STB/Download file/Select file, load the most recent BIN File to your receiver (note, the bin file again should be in the same directory as the Loader Directory)
10) Bingo, you have now loaded the BIN file to your Receiver
11) Unplug the premier from your computer back to your TV
12) with the remote, select main menu, or press the little button directly to the LEFT of the BIG button beside your USB drive in the front.
13) Select Installation/Dish setting, press OK
14) You will see a large list, the only things you should change are Satellite, make sure LNB power is ON and DISEQ Port
15) select your first Satellite, usually its Echostar 7 or 8, select either of these
16) now select your DISEQ switch, put it on DISEQ Port 1
17) you should now see your signal and quality up to around 80% or higher, if this is the case, you have now setup your first satellite.
18) press the red button on your remote to SCAN your satellite, you should start seeing channels being scanned, if you dont’t repeat process 15-18, but use DISEQ Port 2 Instead of 1
19) Once both your Satellites are configured, lets say echostar 7 on DISEQ Port 1 and Echostar 8 on DISEQ port 2, and both satellites are scanned turn to channel 200 (cnn) and let the keys roll.

This is the process that you should be doing, this is the exact step by step process to get your Sonicview 360 Premier or 360 ELITE to work if you do not have a USB FLASH drive.

I hope the members of GoodFTA find this tutorial Useful, this tutorial is 100% orginal Content for our members at GoodFTA.

If you have any questions regarding this thread, please ask them here, do not reply to anything on this thread unless it is a specific question about one of the steps.