Gohan is the oldest son of goku and chi-chi

Gohan is the oldest son of Goku and Chi-Chi. At the beginning of DBZ, he shows tremendous power at the age of 4, becoming at the moment the most powerful fighter in the universe. After Gokus death, Piccolo took him to train in the wilderness for the arrival of the Saiyans. Piccolo is changed by Gohans innocence, and gives his life to protect him. He goes Oozaru against Vegeta, and saves his father. On Namek, he helps retrieve all the dragonballs with Krillin and Bulma. Gohan stalls Frieza long enough for S.S. Goku to return to the battle on Namek. He defeats Garlic Jr. in the Garlic Jr. saga.

During the Cell saga, he also trains in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, where he goes Super Saiyan. Along with his father, he learns how to maintain that form. During the Cell Games, during Android 16s death, he becomes the first person ever to go Super Saiyan Two. He kills Cell during a Kamehameha face-off with help from his dead father. 7 years later, he now has a 6-year-old brother named Goten(who was apparently conceived before the Cell Games) who can go Super Saiyan, but cant fly. That does not last long. Trunks is now 7, and can also turn S.S. He starts helping people, but under a superhero guise called the Great Saiyaman, who wears stupid clothes, does stupid poses, but always saves the day. The cover does not last long.

During the World Tournament, he is injured by Babidis henchmen. He soon learns how to use his Super Saiyan powers without transforming, called Mystic form. Contrary to popular thought, this is not more powerful than S.S.2 form. He simply had a power boost, and Mystic form is simply his S.S. powers without transforming. It is exactly as powerful. He starts pounding Majin Buu, but gets tricked, then absorbed. He dies when the earth blows up, but is revived like all the others.

At the end of DBZ, he settles down as a scholar and marries Videl, and has a daughter named Pan, who is a major character in GT. He is also possessed by Bebi, but he is exorcised from his body. He does very little training or fighting after the Maijn Buu saga. Gohan was the cutest character until he became a teen, when Goten replaces that spot. He is socially handicapped, as he is a big nerd. As the Great Saiyaman, he is even nerdier. In early DBZ, he and Krillin are pretty much inseparable. Gohan used to idolize Piccolo, dressed like him, and fights like him. Masenko-Ha, Gohans second most powerful attack, was originally Piccolos attack.

The most distinct thing about Gohan is that he has the most potential of all. If he trained as much as Goku, he would easily be the most powerful fighter of all. But since he is a scholar, he never realizes his potential. Gohan is my personal favorite character.

By the end of DBZ, he is the second most powerful fighter, second only to Goku. His power comes from his anger. The angrier he gets, the more powerful he is. Gohan is actually very tolerant, so it takes a lot for Gohan to snap. Instances are Raditz hurting his father, Frieza almost killing S.S. Goku, Garlic Jr. hurting Piccolo, Dr. Willow hurting everybody, remembering his friends deaths(resulting in his first Super Saiyan transformation), the death of Android 16(his first S.S.2 transformation), Bojack hurting the Z fighters, and several other instances. In GT, he is the third most powerful fighter. All in all, Gohan is a powerful addition to the Z fighters.

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