Have you friends watched ghost whisperer

Have you friends watched Ghost Whisperer? If yes, which episode touches you most? If no, hurry to get one Ghost Whisperer DVD. How can you miss such a touching TV series? Friends can get Spirit Communicator Based Ghost Whisperer DVD boxset on BigtimeMart with best reasonable price. The followings are some friends’ answers to the question — which episode touches you most? Friend A: I think it is Episode 2, Season 1. The one that a child was struck and killed by a car, and he kept waiting for his mother. Does anyone have some recollection? The little boy performed most vividly. How grievous he was! It made me cry hard. Friend B: The episode about the orphanage is the most touching. Melinda took several ghosts out of the orphanage and went the street to watch the completely new world without fire. Friend C: Every episode is very touching. I coudn’t help being touched. Friend D: I almost cry with every episode, but cannot help continuing watching. Friend E: Every episode has its own touching point. However, the moment at the last episode of Season 1 when Angela found that she had been separated from her new knowing boyfriend in two worlds apart is the saddest. Friend F: The most touching episode is that when Melinda helped a burned person in Season 2. There were many memories about Jim and her. That was moving. Every episode is vey good, all about love. Friend G: Eachi episode makes people cry and the last episode is the most moving. It was astounding when a large crowd gethering in front of Melinda after the air crash. Especially the last moment when I found that Melinda’s friend had been dead. What a good friend for Melinda! Friend H: When I fist watched Ghost Whisperer, I cried at the first three episode of Season 1. I cried when I heard Michael’s voice and when it occurred to me that he had missed every moment of his son’s growth. And, in the second episode, a child didn’t know that he had been dead and kept waiting for his mother along the railway side. Ghost Whisperer is not horrible at all but very warming!  I recommend you to get one Ghost Whisperer to watch, it is a very good TV series. Friend I: In one episode of Season 2, a liitle girl was drowned in a swimming pool but her ghost kept waiting for his father, mother and brother. I find that very moving. Friend J:  A girl’s boyfriend went to learn dance from a cheerleader for her but was misunderstood by the girl, and he was dead in the rugby trainning field before he could explain to the girl. Melinda helped clear up the misundersting but the boy had no chance to dance with the girl any longer. At last under Melinda’s guidance the girl had the last dance with the boy’s ghost…  That’s truly touching! Especially the period of their dance, with Christina’s song, so romantic! What about you, friends? Share with us! Which episode of Ghost Whisperer touches you most? Purchase Spirit Communicator Based Ghost Whisperer DVD on BigtimeMart.

You see a TV show set in High School, and you’ll be forgiven to think that its core audience is people who are actually in high school. But what if the show is set in the early eighties, twenty years before the current generation? Could it actually be possible for a show to actually be aimed towards adults?

Well, with Freaks and Geeks, there might just be one. Its core focus is the struggles and life of the outcasts of social society in the early eighties with kids who actually feel like High School students. Now it might be a locality thing (since I’m from Ol’ Blighty) but there’s a certain limit of shows about teenagers with rich parents doing several things at once in which the latest new show ends up coming across as completely unoriginal. This is what happened with 90210 – where it feels like The OC and Gossip Girl has done it all before. Even the original Beverley Hills predated it. My So-Called Life apparently is slightly more realistic but I’ve yet to watch that yet. Freaks and Geeks seems to paint a more realistic picture of high school that I’ve only really seen briefly in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Veronica Mars before you deduct the genre quota of those shows. What’s interesting is that this was the 1999-2000 season before 90210 and its ilk, but running the same time as Dawson’s Creek and Popular. Though the former was a huge showcase of contrived bad acting and melodramatic unrealism the latter was a tongue-in-cheek jab at teen shows; watching this now after the modern wave just feels like a breath of fresh air.

There are no rich parents, no major dance or events the kids have to organise, no flights of fancy or anything of that ilk, it’s just kids and problems. There are no strong serialised stories that run through the series, mainly weak characters living through weekly A and B stories which focus on the brother/sister team of Lindsey and Sam Weir. Lindsey (Linda Cardellini, ER and Scooby Doo) is a 17-year old girl former Mathlete who decides to hang around with ‘freaks’ Daniel (James Franco, Spider-Man and Pineapple Express), Kim (Busy Phillips) and Nick (Jason Siegel, How I Met Your Mother). While 14-year old Sam (John Francis Daley, Waiting and Bones) has to deal with bullies and being picked last for sports with his friends Neil (Sam Levinne) and Bill Havershuck (Martin Starr). Other characters include the Weir parents and some teachers who do try and steal the screen time, and would succeed if it wasn’t for younger cast.

The two main characters end up central for the two plots that are linked thematically in each episode and sometimes converge, but never fully follow on to the next episode except for some occasions. The episodes don’t have any major messages or morals that run at the end, and there is a (thankful) lack of overblown melodrama and maturity in the story telling which further acts as evidence that it’s not fully aimed towards teenagers. But amongst all the realistic and down-to-earth characters that litter the show, it just feels easier to relate to what’s going on instead of ridiculous high-lifers.

In terms of episodes, there are no real stand-outs because they all stand out. There are no real clunkers of ideas (mainly because there are only eighteen episodes) and episodes all feel strong and relate to the characters. The geeks usually steal the episodes though, with some highlights being Sam and co’s struggles against showering after gym and being picked last for baseball. There’s usually always something brilliant in every episode.

No. The real stand out here which brings out the iconic status the show has is the characters. Sam has been noted in some American magazine as being the idea TV son, but the stand-out for the geeks is Bill. The lanky stereotypical geek is immediately lovable, gets sympathy instantly and as the series unfolds and you start to get to know him and it’s just easy to get involved with the characters. The episode where he finds his gym teacher is dating his mother is probably the highlight, managing to get a tragic yet funny character to life even more. Of the freaks Daniel’s rebel-without-a-path strikes out, mainly because you can tell that James Franco is just having fun with what he gets to do at times. Where it’s manipulating adults, attempting to be a rocker; his character is another iconic image you won’t get to shake.

By the time you get to the end of series – you realise that you’ve gotten to know these characters, and then it hits you that there’s nothing left. With many shows you get a tinge of sadness – but with characters as fleshed out and likable as this – you are suddenly losing several friends. Maybe the show is regarded the way it is over the pond because of its short run and the show never got a chance to get stale. But you can’t help but wonder to see how Lindsey and Sam and their friends would develop, and how they would finish high school. Then again, would the show have lost something if the freaks graduated and got jobs while Lindsey went to college? We would never know…

It’s fun to see some actors and actresses that have moved on to other things nearly nine/ten years ago though. Shia Labeouf appears as a mascot, Ben Stiller a secret service agent, Lizzy Caplan as a disco dancer, Samaire Armstrong as a Grateful Dead fan, Privileged’s Joanna Garcia as a cheerleader as well as the main cast. Daley is now in Bones; Cardellini in ER, Seth Rogan goes from being Seth Rogan to being Seth Rogan later on and Jason Siegel in How I Met Your Mother.

It hasn’t got a Region 2 release (yet) but it’s something that should be experienced. If you ever get the chance to watch this, do it. You’ll not be disappointed.

If you’ve managed to avoid the vampire craze that’s currently sweeping through the media, you must have been living under a rock. If it’s not True Blood covering magazines and plastered all over the internet, it’s Twilight. And if it’s not Twilight, it’s The Vampire Diaries — the fiendish bloodsuckers are just everywhere just now.

It’s not certain just why vampires have suddenly become so popular at the moment, but there’s a good chance that hit novel Twilight has more than a little something to do with it. Stephanie Meyer’s vampire romance saga had teenage girls the world over sighing in delight over bloodsucking badass Edward Cullen and his tormented relationship with average human Bella Swan — but is that really where the current affinity with vampires started?

Perhaps not. If we cast our minds back to a little over a decade ago, we may remember the first intrepid steps of a certain blonde vampire slayer portrayed by Sarah Michelle Geller. Although it seems like a long time ago, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a huge craze that had millions of fans the world over. Although it ended several years ago, it’s still talked about and remembered fondly by its voluminous database of fans. Of course, before Buffy there were still plenty of other vampire-related televisions shows and movies. Anne Rice’s novels are still enormously popular and films like Dracula and Nosferatu, the latter of which is fondly thought of by those who have seen its earliest form, go back decades. The novel Dracula itself was, of course, written in 1897 — at the end of Victorian Gothic literature, where creatures of the night danced among much of the writing of the time. <> So it’s difficult to say when and why vampires became so popular, but easy to notice that this has certainly been their decade to shine — literally, in the case of Edward Cullen, who glitters when he steps into the sun.

The good thing about today’s vampires is that there’s something for everyone. For the younger generation who like their vampires more concerned with matters of the heart rather than blood and sex, there’s Twilight movies where each sparkle of every vampire can be seen in minute detail on HD TV. For everybody else, who prefer their vampires dangerous and dangerously sexy, there are critically acclaimed shows like True Blood and The Vampire Diaries — the choice is yours.

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I am sure that you all remember the many movies that were based on charles m

I am sure that you all remember the many movies that were based on Charles M. Schulzs Peanuts comic strip. They started making them in the sixties and still make them to this day. The Peanut gang was so incredibly popular that it has attracted audiences across multiple generations. One of the newest stories to be adapted to a movie is A Charlie Brown Valentine. Below are some of our favorite holiday Charlie Brown movies.

1. A Charlie Brown Christmas this film is about discovering the true meaning of Christmas, through the eyes of Charlie Brown. As the story opens, Charlie Brown is depressed and frustrated because he sees all of his friends and family getting so caught up with the materialistic aspects of Christmas. He watches Lucy and Snoopy become obsessed with their presents and the holiday decorations, Schroeder only cares about the Christmas pageant and the rest of his friends are only concerned with writing their letters to Santa and what they will get as gifts.

Charlie Brown is disgruntled and ashamed of the fact that Christmas has become so commercial so he sets out on a journey to show everyone what it is truly about. He is given the task of picking out the perfect tree for the Christmas pageant which gives him a brilliant idea as to how he will get his message across to those he loves. He buys the tiniest and ugliest looking tree that he can find and brings it to the pageant. At first, everyone is stunned, but then, after a speech from his best friend Linus, he is able to teach everyone what Christmas is really about.

2. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving this special opens with Charlie Brown getting ready to go to Thanksgiving dinner with his grandmother. Just before he leaves, Peppermint Patty calls and pretty much invites herself over to his house for Thanksgiving dinner. Charlie Brown can never get a word in with Peppermint Patty and before he knows it, she has invited a bunch of her other friends over too.

At first, he is upset, but with some coaxing from Linus he is convinced to have two dinners; one with his grandmother and the other one at his house with friends. The film shows how it all unfolds and how Charlie Brown pulls through for all of his friends and family to make sure they have the best Thanksgiving ever.

3. A Charlie Brown Valentine this special is much newer than some of the others and was aired in 2004. This film is all about the things that Charlie Brown has to go through when he wants to get the courage to ask the little red haired girl to the school dance for Valentines Day. Throughout the special, he realizes that Peppermint Patty likes him and wants to ask him to the dance. This is a true glimpse into what a Charlie Brown valentine is all about and what it means to him.

The Charlie Brown specials have been a mainstay in homes across America for decades and if this pattern is any indication, then it will only continue to grow in popularity as the years pass.

In the USA, Reality TV programmes such as Survivor, American idol, America’s next top model, The Amazing race, Dancing with the stars, Big brother, The Apprentice, have certainly changed the lives of the winners for the better.

However, Nigerians were mesmerized as they sat glued to their TV sets and watched the debut of the Gulder Ultimate Search («GUS») on Snake Island in Lagos, which was powered by Nigerian Breweries Plc in 2004. The essence was to fish out the last man standing among the ten competitors (five young men and five ladies), who would be crowned as the «Ultimate Man», become an ambassador of  the «Gulder brand», and of course have fame and fortune as his loyal bodyguards. The «GUS» was viewed across the Nation and watched enthusiastically by millions of Nigerians courtesy of  the A-list TV stations. Besides, the Gulder brand during and after the reality show, received higher patronage from customers, boosting the sales output.

The «GUS» has become an annual competition in the programmes calendar as thousands of males and females troop to various test camps, with the hope of  earning a spot among the last ten who would compete for the ultimate prize. The reality tv show  gives the winner a monetary sum of  N 7 million( the highest so far in all the reality tv shows in Nigeria) and a branded jeep, above the 2nd and 3rd positions. In  April 2010, the maiden edition of the «GUS» celebrities show down was birthed , where ten celebrities ( Princess, Funke Akindele, Weird MC, Bob Manuel Udokwu, Dare Art Alade, Daddy Showkey, Emeka Ike, Muma Gee, Obesere, Chioma akpota) following the rules of  the «GUS» were chosen to battle it out. Rita Dominic, Omowunmi, Ramsey Nouah had initially made the list, but it was rumoured that a  controversy surrounding Genevieve Nnaji’s role as the host might have been one of the factors responsible for their backing out.

A reality tv programme simply means one that is void of ‘acting out’ unfolding events. Everything that happens is unplanned, real, documented for viewers to see ongoing happenings with every passing moment. There are no actors, just competitors  (young men and women who live next door, down the street) giving their best to win the star prize. The setting varies based on the theme of the reality show. Apart from  a few like the GUS and the Desert warriors, most competitors are housed in comfortable, exotic locations.

Over the years, following the success recorded with the «GUS» hit, other reality tv shows have sprung up, with some being competed for on annual basis while a few have crashed out, perhaps, due to lack of sponsors. The reality TV shows have discovered, harnessed the potentials of young people majorly in the entertainment spheres while Business, oratory, conservation of the environment have also conceived and brought forth same. The under listed reflects the various reality TV programmes that have hit our screens after the debut of the GUS:

The Intern  —  Business

Star Quest  —  Music

Big brother Nigeria —  Social

Amstel Malta box office (AMBO) —  Movies

The Next movie star  —   Movies

Idols West Africa  —   Music

Nokia first chance  —  Music

MTN project fame west Africa  —  Music

MTN Nig /Ghana soccer academy  —  Football

The Apprentice  —  Business

Celebrity takes two  —  Dance

Football with Fash  —  Football

Football with Okocha  —  Football

Kids alone —  social  (for children)

The 12 Ambassadors   —  Movies

Koko Mansion —  Social

Maltina family dance al  —  Dance

Quest Nigeria  —  Tourism

Desert warriors  —  Conservation of Environment

The Deabaters  —   Oratory

Praise Him Idol west Africa (music), Titans Nigeria (embracing different fields) and Styleogenic (Fashion) are set to make their debut as well into the reality TV fold.

Nigerians now look forward to some of these reality TV shows, and to those that are about to emerge or are presently simply ideas, we proudly await your debut.

So long… auggiepo@yahoo.com

Angela Petrelli has gathered her sons Nathan and Peter, granddaughter Claire Bennet, and Claire’s adoptive father Noah at the abandoned settlement of Coyote Sands, and prepares to explain what had happened there.

It is revealed that back in 1961, the site had been a relocation center, sponsored by the government, to study people with abilities. Angela and her sister, Alice Shaw, were two of many individuals that were sent there. The young Angela soon meets the younger Bob Bishop, Daniel Linderman, and Charles Deveaux, who is revealed to have telepathic abilities. Alice, who is revealed to have the ability to control the weather, remains suspicious of the project’s intentions, headed by Chandra Suresh, with Dr. Zimmerman also working there. Angela insists they are here to be treated, but Charles and the others convince Angela they have essentially become prisoners.

The four soon hatch a plan to escape from the compound, though the boys convince Angela that Alice must remain behind, as it would slow them down. Angela lies to Alice, saying she has had a dream that in order for Alice to be safe, she must remain there. That night, Chandra Suresh calls Alice in for treatment, but she refuses and ends up causing a storm with raging winds and deadly lightning. The ensuing chaos escalates in a riot, resulting in the deaths of most of those in the camp. Later, Angela meets with the three boys at Coyote Sands Cafe (where she had shared a dance with Charles earlier), explaining she has dreamt of their future and that they must form a company, and do terrible things («It’s a necessary evil»), to keep people like them safe from others.

If you really liked this episodes, so what are you waiting for, I think this is a new way to view a television program, you do not need to spend tens of dollars just to pay television channels, you can save it just by looking at your favorite television shows from the front of your computer, you stay seated and open your browser. there are many websites that provide a choice of heroes episodes for free. If you are interested, you can go there.

After a hard day’s work, sometimes you just want to escape reality

After a hard day’s work, sometimes you just want to escape reality.  Thinking about the next day and having to deal with the horrors of the treacherous boss all over again or how you have to pay all those bills that are due next week and lose weight for the upcoming family wedding can be more than overwhelming.   Sometimes, you just want to relax and escape your own problems and reality with your television set.  With today’s unending channel options with satellite tv, you will never go a minute without finding something interesting that will give you just the break you need from the real world!

No matter what kind of mood you are in at the end of the day, satellite tv has something to offer you and ease your mind for a short time.  With Monday through Friday prime time tv, there are endless options for everybody.  Within the past five years, reality tv shows have become increasingly popular.  With these popular shows, you are able to escape your own reality for a little while and submerge yourself in lives of other people as their story is told before a public audience.   With shows such as «American Idol» or «Dancing with the Stars», there are contestants that compete on a weekly basis to earn a predetermined reward that is given at the end of the season.  This often includes an interactive voting process, making the live audience an actual part of the process.  Each week after the audience has voted, one or more contestant is eliminated from the competition and the show begins the next week with fewer contestants.  The majority of these types of reality shows are based on having a certain talent, such as being the best dance or best singer.  

The other type of common reality tv show often involves a random group of people that are chose to live together.  Often, the group will have certain tasks as a whole together in order to remain in the house.  Although people are not voted off the show as in the other type, these shows are extremely interesting to watch because they show how relationships between strangers develop over a period of time.  As people get to know each other over time, it can be very interesting to see how their relationships develop, whether it be they fall in love or have very conflicting personalities.  With satellite tv, there are various options to view all kinds of reality tv shows and take a break from the stresses of life.     

It used to be that having over 25 television channels was incredibly expensive and only possible to have if you had a very well paying job and the funds to afford the more affluent life.  But with packages today, satellite television is very affordable and has deals for everyone.  You can relax for a bit, watch a tv show or tune into your favorite move, all for a very low price.


So 2010 American Idol Top 3 are Crystal Bowersox, Casey James and Lee DeWyze.

Crystal Bowersox

Bowersox auditioned for American Idol in Chicago, Illinois. She sang «Piece of My Heart.» Shania Twain commented that she had «raw natural talent» and Simon Cowell continues to compliment her voice every week. On March 2, Bowersox was hospitalized because of an unconfirmed illness, forcing a last minute switch in scheduling to give her extra time to recuperate. The men competed that day instead of the women. She sang the next day and impressed all of the judges. The following week, her strong performance prompted Simon Cowell to state, «Right now, you are the one everyone has to beat.» After Siobhan Magnus’s departure from American Idol in the top 6, Bowersox is the only female contestant remaining in the Top 3. Alongside Lee DeWyze, Bowersox so far never landed on the Bottom 3 from the early part of the Finals.

Casey James

From Cool and with an origin from Fort Worth, Texas, James had a bad reaction to his pertussis  (whooping cough) vaccine when he was an infant, and his family feared brain damage. According to his mother, however, she realized that he would be all right and was going to be musical when he started humming before he talked. Following a serious motorcycle accident at the age of 21, James was told by doctors that he would no longer be able to play guitar, a medical prediction that proved untrue. In 2010, USA Today music critic Brian Mansfield suggested that James was «[a]rguably…the best guitar player the show has seen.» James had tried out for and been selected to compete on the ninth season of American Idol in 2009 in spite of the fact that he had never seen the show. James is the oldest contestant to be selected for the Top 24 of the ninth season at the age of 27.

Lee DeWyze

DeWyze auditioned in Chicago for the ninth season of American Idol with the song «Ain’t No Sunshine», which was also covered by Kris Allen. During Hollywood week, his group included Aaron Kelly and Crystal Bowersox, who all made it into the top 24 and subsequently the top 5.

During the first week, he performed «Chasing Cars» by Snow Patrol, which was praised by Simon Cowell. The next week he sang «Lips of an Angel», which was received quite well by all the judges, but they liked to see more confidence in himself, but good enough to get him into the top 16. His third song, «Fireflies», came as a surprise and was generally liked by the viewers, critics, and the judges.

After making it to the Top 12, DeWyze performed «Beast of Burden» during The Rolling Stones week. For the Top 11’s theme, Billboard #1 Hits, DeWyze performed «The Letter» by The Box Tops. The following week DeWyze performed «Treat Her Like a Lady» impressing mentor Usher and all four judges including Cowell who said that «This was the night your life may have changed forever.» His closest friends among the competitors were Siobhan Magnus and former roommate Andrew Garcia.

Alongside Crystal Bowersox, DeWyze so far never landed on the Bottom 3 from the early part of the Finals.

Lovely — 21 February, 2010

Summary: Former exotic dancer Robin will have a profound effect on Susan’s friends — with three teenage boys at home, Lynette will keep a watchful eye; Bree picks up a few tricks to engage Orson; Gaby looks for help with troublesome niece Ana; and Katherine will find a friendly companion.