Zee TV is one of the most popular Hindi entertainment channel covering family drama, game shows, reality shows and daily soaps, etc. In one word it true to say that it is giving complete entertainment to viewers. Inspite of tough competition between several channels Zee TV has managed to get hold its premium position.

The reason behind its success is that it moves away from Shaas –Bahu serials to reality shows and to the serials that are showing, the suffering and exploitation of people belonging to rural and urban India like Agle Janam mohe bitiya hi kijo, Pavitra rista, Jansi ki Rani, 12/24 Karol Bagh etc are some daily soaps that are totally different from family fights of shaas-bahu serials.

Zee TV Online – a Variety of Popular Shows

Earlier, Zee channel like Doordarshan has shown variety of serials in a single channel such as news bulletin, sports, award shows, concerts, religious programme, cookery and health shows etc. But  with the passage of time it short out news bulletins and sports show on different channels which are especially meant for them because Zee channel knows that nowadays viewers has tremendous variety to watch or get entertainment and if they will not change according to  the demand of time they will loss the game.

That is so Zee TV online has introduced some fresh daily soaps that are entirely different from usual boring family fights and love triangle shows.

Agle  Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo  a  newly daily soap aired on Zee channel  representing a moving story of the Protagonist Laali  who is 17 year old  girl living with her three younger siblings and parents from Bihar in the background of poverty.  

This serial is not just representing a struggling girl but along with it shows the corruptions and exploitation of poor people, the shameful practice of selling girls to rich people, early marriages, etc. This serial covers lot of issues that lead viewers to know that in India there are many places where these types of evil act and events are still practicing.

Zee TV – Entertainment for the Family

The serial like Pavitra Rista which is also a new daily soap representing the middle class family where the bonding of a mother and daughter is the theme. Here in this story the sole aim of mother is to find a suitable match for her daughter. The heroine of this story is not well educated but she is good in all house hold work. She faces lot of obstacles to find suitable match and the worse thing about her is that after her marriage she find that her in-laws cheated her.

These daily soaps has new concept which will add taste and flavor for your entertainment.

In addition to the family drama, Zee TV has a cookery show named as Khana Kazana anchored by Sanjeev Kapoor the famous chef of India who tells different kinds of dishes from all across the world. He shares his secret of dishes, desserts and bakeries, etc.

We all knew that in this fast moving world where people have no time to talk with each other they hardly find time to and it is also seen that those who are interested in watching TV shows many a times missed because of some urgent works or other excuses. To sort- out this problem Zee channel brought Zee TV online that is of advanced technology where you can watch your favorite programme without sitting at your home.

We all knew that among all TV channels, their shows and serials are the handy weapons to win the competition of TRP. Well in the case of Zee channel, it is ready to face the competition with its new and exciting shows.

Spartacus Spartacus: Blood and Sand Actor Andy Whitfield suffered cancer diagnosis

Costume Starz TV series «Spartacus: Blood and Sand Spartacus: Blood and Sand» actor, who plays Spartacus actor Andy Whitfield, 38-year-old was diagnosed with cancer today, news is that cancer is detected relatively early, still early, according to his doctor about the possibility completely cured.

Andy Whitfield is currently receiving treatment for non-Hodgkin lymphoma: «I received very good treatment, very positive feeling very good, thank you for their support.» Starz TV interview CEO also said: «He health is our primary consideration, in a difficult period, we will give him maximum support. «

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Spartacus: Blood And Sand DVDs Info

Support both NTSC & PAL
Season 1
5-Disc Set


Drama | Fantasy | Horror


Region Free – You can enjoy it wherever you are
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The Plot Summary of Spartacus: Blood And Sand

Spartacus: Blood and Sand is a Starz television series that premiered on January 22, 2010. The series focuses on the historical figure of Spartacus (played by Andy Whitfield), a Thracian gladiator who from 73 to 71 BC led a major slave uprising against the Roman Republic. Executive producers Steven S. DeKnight and Robert Tapert focused on structuring the events of Spartacus’ obscure early life leading to the records of history. The show has been rated TV-MA for graphic violence, strong sexual content, and coarse language.

Credits Info
Andy Whitfield,Lucy Lawless,John Hannah,Peter Mensah,Manu Bennett,Viva Bianca,Craig Parker,Jai Courtney,Erin Cummings,Nick E. Tarabay,Antonio Te Maioho,Lesley-Ann Brandt
Steven S. DeKnight,Robert Tapert,Sam Raimi,Joshua Donen,Sarah Lazarova



Being a stay-at-home mother certainly brings with it its own unique challenges. It is a job in and of itself, yet is often not recognized as such in the market place. Perhaps mothers don’t get enough credit for raising children in today’s society.

A recent study determined what the average salary a stay-at-home mother is worth. After determining the top ten jobs that stay-at-home mothers perform, they divided them into «mother jobs» and «work jobs,» concluding that their worth approaches $140,000 per year in total; $87,000 for «mother jobs» and the rest falling into work-related tasks. The jobs listed as the top ten roles of a stay-at-home mother included, among others, housekeeper, cook, day care center teacher, van driver, and psychologist. Depending on the age of the child, the mother may also take on the task of school teacher if the family decides to home school their children.

Of course, most mothers who stay at home raising their children would tell you that their job is priceless, as they get the rare opportunity of watching their young children become individuals. They sacrifice the extra salary, achievement, title, and recognition for more time with their children. Others do it in order to keep their children out of the public school system, preferring to educate them at home the way they see fit.

Being a stay-at-home mother has just gotten a little easier with all the packages and deals available with satellite TV. While no one in their right mind would suggest that a television show can raise a child as well as a mother or teacher, satellite TV programming has been found to increase the education and mental stimulation of young children during their most influential years.

Television has been unfairly maligned recently. It is often blamed for violent behaviors in adolescents, lack of direction and motivation, and unhealthy lifestyles. The fact remains that many things, if left unchecked by caring parents, can lead to the same behaviors. Friends, celebrity role models, and even parents themselves are likely more influential in today’s youth. Yet, with satellite TV, parents can feel confident that the increased variety of programming will leave their children with scores of healthy options for educational TV viewing. The television can become a source of positive stimulation and education once again. Today, the plethora of television shows is nearly innumerable. There are geography, science, and history channels available. They make learning interesting and visually stimulating for young children.

Being a stay-at-home mother is difficult enough. As the recent study showed, a mother’s duties go beyond just caring for the child. Mothers need time for other tasks as well as for personal time. They may even work from home. If a family decides to make the small investment in satellite TV, it could afford the mother more time to do other important tasks around the home.

While no one would suggest that the television can independently raise a child or cure all society’s ills, with advanced programming now available to you, it can be a source of assistance and entertainment in raising an educated young individual. Gone are the days of stigmatizing television as a societal harm.

Learn Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Jay Blahnik’s Secret Weapons for Getting Fit Fast!
The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television Reveals the Author’s Favorite Fitness Machine

(Pompano Beach, FL – April 20, 2009) – If you’re looking for an exercise program that will get the job done, stop talking and start moving.  The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television will show women how to “step up” to a complete body workout. The show features Celebrity Trainer Jay Blahnik, author of “Full Body Flexibility” and fitness expert for the LA Times, who will reveal his “secret weapons” for total body fitness.  The segment will air May 6th and can also be viewed at thebalancingact.com/nautilus.

“This is my first weapon,” says Blahnik.  “The Bowflex TreadClimber cardio machine.  It combines three calorie blasting movements into one activity. It offers the best features of a TreadClimber, which gets your heart rate up and burns calories, with a stair climber which is great for the gluts – and an elliptical. It gives you an extremely effective workout with low-impact motion that’s easy on your joints.”

Tune into the show to learn about Blahnik’s second secret weapon, but always keep in mind before jumping into an exercise program, make sure to define your goals.  Do you want to lose weight, strengthen your muscles or just look and feel healthier and more energetic in general?

“Regardless of your goal, get moving,” says Blahnik.  “Here’s a basic rule of thumb: strive for a quality workout a minimum of three days a week, 30 minutes per session. In just 90 minutes a week, you can get impressive benefits right at home.”

That’s another plus, he says.  The equipment is right in your house, eliminating the need to drive to and from a fitness center.  You get it all — without paying membership dues.”

“For women, this is a great way to build a regular workout program into their busy lives,” says Doug Campbell, Executive VP of Programming for BrandStar Entertainment, the producers of The Balancing Act. “We appreciate the chance to guide viewers to a healthier lifestyle.”

The show is produced by BrandStar Entertainment and airs on Lifetime Television 7 a.m.
Eastern/Pacific (check local listings). Additional information and each segment can be accessed on the show’s website, thebalancingact.com. Each episode is also available on Youtube and google videos. For more information about BrandStar Entertainment, please visit brandstarentertainment.com.

The final episode of V this 12 months didn’t precisely make a substantial leap plot-wise nonetheless it did dole out a number of mystery arcs that lay the groundwork for the rest with the season when the indicate returns early following year.

Erica, Father Jack, Ryan and Georgie take the first step in fighting the Vs by searching for loopholes on their Healthcare initiative. Evidently, the aliens have come up with a V vitamin injection to supercharge human immune systems which can deal with blindness and beat cancer, but not the common cold.

The renegades believe the V vitamin is bad but we learn that there’s nothing really incorrect with it. For the other hand, the Site visitors are planning to mix lethal injections with human flu vaccines.

And the worst issue about it’s that Anna is having advantage from the media along with the predictability of humans, understanding that any health scare will cause them to get their flu shots in huge numbers.

But the renegades are not without having a remedy. Ryan, who has also revealed to Erica her true V nature, blows up the warehouse that is made up of the V medicines but not before leaving the message, «John Might lives!»

As a final point, Valerie isn’t just a minor character unsuspectingly dating a V. She also occurs to become Tyler’s therapist and is now expecting a child with Ryan, who isn’t exactly enthusiastic about it. Besides what the baby will look like, I’m curious to see how this cross-breeding storyline plays out.

We nevertheless will not know what are the Guests see in Tyler but he seems to become «the one,» based on Anna and Lisa. He’s also the 1st human to enter the engine room.

Unfortunately, Joshua’s correct hand man, who’s also a single from the loyal members from the 5th Column, takes the fall for Dale’s death and obtains skinned alive on Anna’s orders by none other than healthcare chief Joshua.

Following covering a story within the V’s healthcare initiative, the V’s advanced technology was able to detect an aneurysm in Chad’s brain.

He’s obtained six months to reside but could get treated and could get past the long waiting listing by producing some sort of arrangement using the Vs. It would make me wonder if Chad genuinely is sick or if the V’s are just utilizing his «sickness» to manage him and the media.

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The Bonus of the DVR Package is that it comes with a FREE ( after instant internet rebate ) DVR Receiver. The DVR ( Digital Video Recorder ) is one of the best parts of DirecTV Satellite because DVR really puts the TV channels right at your finger tips! Not only can you use the remote to power on and off or surf the channels but you can use it as if it was a VCR or DVD player remote! That is right the DVR system is a system that makes your TV as if it was just another DVD. You can pause if you need to step away for a moment or rewind if you could not make out what the actor said! You can also fast forward through those pesky commercials! The DVR has yet another benefit. With the DVR system you can record up to two separate shows at the same time and play them when ever you want and watch them as many times as you want. With Digital Video Recording you can store over 70 hours of television shows and movies!

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Sean continues to allow loose with Teddy (customer movie star Katee Sackhoff), getting sex in an open house and obtaining excessive on tea constructed from ayahuasca. Christian’s cancer has spread, and having a bleak prognosis, he seeks out Liz so that you can propose to her. Kimber requests a lot additional collagen for Jenna’s lips. A man experiencing tree-like growths on his complete human body undergoes pro-bono cure at McNamara/Troy.

Sean is reunited with a single of his former sufferers from Miami, Allegra Calderello aka «pussy lips». Allegra’s dying husband (guest star Richard Portnow) requests surgical treatment on his wife so she can attract handsome suitors right right after his death.

Christian seems to employ his replacement at McNamara/Troy and sets his sights on Logan Taper (invitee superstar Richard Burgi), a classy health care health practitioner who seems to possess a complete lot in normal making use of the Christian of aged, right up until his unusual fetish is uncovered.

Liz’s mom Mariela (invitee super star Lillian Hurst) is in town in preparation for her daughter’s wedding day, but her attitude and comments only assist in generating Liz really feel inadequate. At precisely the same time, Liz discovers that she can’t match into her mother’s old wedding dress and decides to undergo a breast reduction. Invitee starring Katee Sackhoff.

Christian reveals his thoughts to make it his cancer via cryogenic freezing. Sean worries about his romantic relationship with Teddy (guest movie star Katee Sackhoff), whilst concurrently preparing himself for Christian’s death.

Kimber’s marriage to Ram (customer super star John Schneider) falls aside, and she finds her entire outlook on her existence changed when she discovers Christian’s upcoming nuptials with Liz too because motives behind them. Teddy is revealed to come to be dwelling a double living.

A girl comes to McNamara/Troy requesting surgery to resolve the bloody wound on her neck, suffered after a vampiric bite from her boyfriend went awry. As Christian prepares to depart on his honeymoon with Liz and Wilbur, his physician calls him with shocking news. Visitor starring AnnaLynne McCord.

It’s about time in the world of television that there be a distinction made between your typical reality television program and something a little bit more high-class. Consider, for example, the difference between something like «The Hills» or «The Real Housewives of Orange County» and a series like «Project Runway» or «Life.» Two of those programs are heavily scripted, designed for escapism, and without particular information or merit present. And two provide insight into a world not seen before, a touch of creativity or originality, and something to be learned.

So instead of throwing in the latest documentary that’s actually a documentary with the crop of Bravo-created series that are more interested in perpetuating the endless lifestyles of the rich and the famous, consider the approach to non-fiction television. While some shows might be a bit technical and others a bit sensational, none of the programs below are in any way as schlocky as what is happening with the latest parade of trophy wives, screaming ex-girlfriends, or drunken hooligans.

Curb Appeal. Because what would television be without a new series on HGTV teaching you more about your house and various ways to change it up—only this time, the focus is more on the exterior rather than the interior. Practical, informative, and helpful for those do-it-yourselfers, it is yet another great addition to the HGTV world.

16 and Pregnant. MTV’s latest reality series is not what you would expect, especially given the title. It is not as interested in making a sensation out of the fact that people get pregnant, and it is also not interested in perpetuating the stereotypes of who is pregnant in high school. Episodes occlude popular, well-adjusted, and academically proficient teenagers who happen to end up getting pregnant early as well as those who have boyfriends and not fiances. Rather than taking a moralistic perspective, this is a refreshing satellite tv show that is interested in presenting, documentary-style the difficulties and troubles of being pregnant as a young woman in America. Surprisingly poignant.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. While you might not expect a show about food on satellite tv to teach healthy eating habits, it is in fact one of the most popular new shows about food that has aired recently. Famous chef Jamie Oliver is not just one of the best men in the kitchen of the past decade; he’s also a father and a man concerned about nutrition. He crosses the pond and settles in West Virginia, where the child obesity rate is particularly high. His mission? To teach healthier eating habits through educating young children and preparing healthier food. It’s definitely worth tuning in to see if he succeeds or fails.

Modern Marvels. Sort of a how-stuff-works show for a variety of different industries, «Modern Marvels» provides a look at everything from agriculture to manufacturing and tries to present a number of different subjects. The combination between technology and everyday products is incredible, and though it is essentially watching 45 minutes of different objects getting manufactured or seeing technology work or not work, it manages to be captivating and one of the most consistently informative programs on satellite tv.

It is no secret that much of Hollywood has undergone some sort of cosmetic procedure, but it is very uncommon for celebrities to talk about what procedures they have had done. Television icon Lisa Rinna, best known for her role as Billie on Days of Our Lives has come forward recently, giving interviews in which she candidly discusses her plastic surgery.

Rinna has admitted to multiple procedures, including a number of Juvederm and collagen injections in her face, including her cheeks and nasolabial folds. The actress first had liquid silicone injections implanted in her lips in the early 1980’s, and has had multiple injections since. She frequently has steroids injected into the liquid silicone to keep it from hardening.

Rinna has had multiple Juvederm injections in her face, most notably on the lines between the corners of her mouth and the sides of her nose. She has also had the injections to give her cheeks more definition. She also admits having undergone breast augmentation, having her breasts surgically lifted, and states that she feel as though she has greatly benefitted from this procedure.

There have been rumours circulating for years about the possibility that Rinna has had cosmetic work done. Born in 1963, the actress has shown few signs of aging and has a truly remarkable facial and body structure. While much of Rinna’s appearance is due to a healthy diet and exercise regime, the actress admits having a bit of help from cosmetic surgeons. It is comforting for many people to see a celebrity open up about aging and the benefits of cosmetic surgery.

As for Rinna, the procedures have certainly done much to accent her natural beauty. Recently, the actress posed for Playboy magazine and showed off a face and body that surprised many people who have not followed her throughout her career. She is a prime example of the perfect candidate for cosmetic surgery; someone who cares for their body meticulously and seeks only ways to improve it rather than trying to change its natural shape and design.

Cosmetic surgery is more common than many people think. It is because of celebrities like Lisa Rinna that the benefits of cosmetic procedures are coming more fully into the spotlight. Rinna is certainly a television icon, and as recent photos show, she is still a fine example of true beauty accented by the help of talented cosmetic surgeons.


The Arabic Elite Super Pack offers the most comprehensive Arabic-language programming in America with a variety of incredible channels — a great value! Programming includes mini-series, dramas, movies, sports, 24-hour news, newly released and classical movies, Arabic Soccer Leagues and talk shows.

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The Arabic Elite Pack offers an outstanding Arabic-language viewing experience with 13 incredible channels — a great value! Programming includes mini-series, dramas, movies, sports, 24-hour news, newly released and classical movies, the Egyptian Soccer League and talk shows.

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The Arabic Enhanced Pack contains wide variety of Arabic programming with nine top-quality channels, delivered in 100% digital quality for your viewing enjoyment. The programming includes mini-series, dramas, movies, sports, 24-hour news, cartoons, variety shows, family entertainment, movies and talk shows.

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ARABIC MUSIC PACK                   

The Arabic Music Pack offers a variety of Arabic music channels in 100% digital quality for your viewing enjoyment. In addition to music videos, programming includes talk shows, variety shows and coverage of major Arab-American events.

ART TARAB                              
DANDANA TV                                

AGHAPY TV                                      

Aghapy TV, the very first Coptic Christian satellite channel, aims to serve Christians worldwide through the broadcast of spiritual, social and health-related programs.


Iqraa, broadcasted 24-hours-a-day from Egypt, is the first Arabic-language channel that offers religious, media, social and economic programs tailored to the Muslims audience. Iqraa’s programming includes documentaries, live talk shows, dramas, cultural and educational programs.


Noursat is the first and only Christian channel from Lebanon and the entire Middle East. Broadcasted 24-hour-a-day, Noursat is supervised by the Assembly of Catholic Patriarchs and Bishops who are committed to promoting principles of Christianity. Noursat’s programming includes talk shows, documentaries, history, classical musical recitals and social and spiritual programs.

By: Francis David