I wouldn’t have expected anything less from the production company responsible for Smallville (an effective blending of two bipolar gender interests: comic book superheroes and teenage soap opera), but Tollin/Robbins Productions has made the lightning strike the same place twice with One Tree Hill.

One Tree Hill centers on the lives and loves of two half brothers named Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray) and Nathan Scott (James Lafferty) who both go to a high school in Tree Hill, North Carolina, and play for the same basketball team. Other plot points in the show include their smarmy, self-serving father, Dan Scott, Nathan’s poor, downtrodden mother and their respective love interests.

The series started with Lucas being recruited by the Ravens basketball team, which experienced a sudden lack of players after most of its team members were suspended for drunk driving. Lucas’ inclusion into the team and his exceptional performance didn’t go too well with his half-brother Nathan, who is the current captain of the Ravens. Nathan wanted Lucas off the team because he felt threatened and wanted to remain as the Raven’s star player, going so far as to help kidnap is brother and throw him into a ditch. Lucas persevered nonetheless, and eventually, after several clashes and complicated relationships that are intertwined with each other, and as a result of finding out that they share a common dislike for their father, Lucas and Nathan found themselves able to work together not only as brothers but also as teammates.

One remarkable trait of One Tree Hill is its ability to get both male and female watchers to relate with certain aspects of the show. One Tree Hill was in fact originally intended to be a show about the basketball team, and was tentatively called “Ravens”, until producers changed the concept to also get the female demographic interested. As a result, male viewers may be inclined to watch the show due to the masculine plot devices such as basketball, rivalries between brothers and peers, competitiveness in sports, and the brothers’ struggle against their unscrupulous biological father.

The female watchers, on the other hand, loved the soap opera aspect of One Tree Hills, Teenage girls and young twenty-something were the perfect target demographic for One Tree Hills complicated pairings and the twisted, strained relationships between the various characters in the show – from Nathan’s initial hostile reaction towards Lucas, their love interests Peyton, Brooke and Haley, the complicated relationships between their mothers and father, and everything in between. You can also watch One Tree Hill at Watch One Tree Hill OnlineThe relatively slow, sometimes plodding movement of plot is perfect for women who like to sit back and watch characters persevere, grow, and experience life to the fullest in front of their very eyes.

Still going strong since its inception on September of 2003, One Tree Hill has seen many ups and downs and continues to please its viewers and fans as it enters its sixth season. One Tree Hill is currently being shown on the CW Television during Mondays at 9/8C.

Latin package has a channel known as the si tv

Latin package has a channel known as the Si TV. Satellite TV technology has created a rage among Americans. It reaches to millions of 18 to 34 year-old Latinos who prefer their content in English and seek it across all platforms including linear television, the internet, video-on-demand and wireless devices. Si TV offers authentic, relevant content and a 70% original programming slate that includes comedy, reality, music, movies, lifestyle and talk of the town.

Si TV hosts shows which are very entertaining at the same time informative. Currently shows such as Adrenalina, Latino 101, New York undercover, Model; Latina Miami are programs which will keep you glued to the television. Apart from this the channel follows an online website where you could find about the various schedules and also the repeated telecasts that the channel is currently airing. Among all these shows there is a brand new show which deserves special mention known as Elle & Tito: The Married Life.

Love is a concept which has been on everybody’s list. Without this essential component life seems absolutely hopeless. This typical story theme has a plot with a taste of difference. It seems to be the basis of new reality series known as Elle & Tito: The Married Life. The show is supposed to premier from March 29 and is expected to be an instant hit. It has already been on the internet sites and now is fully prepared to come up as an exclusive TV program. The channel is available nationwide on DISH Network, and in more than 200 cities and communities across America, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco.

Since we all are crazy fans of celebrities we are very interested to know about their real and reel lives too. We all want to know about the latest celebrity scoops and all those reality tit bits which follow them eventually. DISH Network seems to have finally answered all your prayers. You will get to see live celebrity scoops as television will follow the post-wedding lives of the online show’s stars. This marks the first time that reality web content has spawned a reality series on a television network, a move that executives say represents a new model for the cost-effective development of television programming.

The innovative 13 episode series will chronicle the ups and downs of life in a new marriage with web darlings Elle and Tito Figueroa. They both are young and famous celebrities who are discovering the challenges of becoming a unified couple in all areas of their lives. A lot of issues will be actively looked upon. Money concerns, relationship issues, family stress starting careers and family stress will be vitally put into question. You will be invariably exposed to a range of emotional surrounding and you would see the celebrities battle it out with life as a final means of salvation. Experience all the unique emotions of tear, laughter, love and hatred with television as it takes you into a journey inside the emotional world.

Tuesday night in our house means watching chopped

Tuesday night in our house means watching Chopped! on Food Network Nighttime.

If you haven’t seen Chopped! Tuesday nights on Food Network, then do yourself a favor and set your DISH Network DVR for next Tuesday and check out this excellent elimination show with $10,000 up for grabs each week. If you’ve seen Iron Chef America, Ace of Cakes or any of the other competitive cooking programs then you have an idea of what Chopped is about. Only the judging process builds suspense progressively throughout the meal.

Host Ted Allen, and a panel of three judges from the culinary world, judge an appetizer, entr?e, and dessert dish from 4 chefs. The chef who produces the least appealing dish is immediately eliminated before moving onto the next round (or course). By the dessert round only two chefs are standing.

The competition is judged on overall presentation, taste, use of the mandatory ingredients, and creativity. The last chef standing not only wins some instant name recognition and prestige, but a big fat check for $10,000, as well.

If you’re a professional chef and like what you see you can audition to be on Chopped! yourself. They are looking for «dynamic and outgoing professional chefs, so if you fit the bill (or the menu in this case) you should apply.

Food Network Nighttime has become a favorite in our house, and if you like cooking shows, or are simply looking for a break from crime dramas, police procedurals, or sitcoms, give Food Network Nighttime a try. It’s already there as part of your DISH Network package!

The Sopranos is one of the most successful and legendary television shows and was one of the first HBO series’ to take storytelling to a new level. It won numerous awards and was integral in helping the careers of James Gandolfini, Edie Falco and Jamie-Lyn Sigler. Here is a quick rundown of some of the most important characters on the Sopranos, none of them easily categorized in terms of good or evil, they are human who may spend too much time at the poker tables, strip club or mistress’ house but they are essentially products of their environment, not rotten to the core.

Paulie Gualtieri

Good old Paulie, while very serious and menacing, often has some of the funniest lines in the television show. He is considered a Captain or Underboss of the DiMeo crime family. He is very close to Tony Soprano and is considered one of his most loyal and trusted friends. He is also close with Tony’s family, acting as a godfather or uncle to Meadow and Anthony Jr.

Meadow Soprano

The daughter of Tony and Carmela and the oldest child, Meadow is a headstrong and dedicated young adult that knows about her father’s line of work but tries to ignore it or put it in the back of her mind. She holds a lot of hostile anger towards her father, especially his outdated lines of thinking, especially regarding her daughter’s dating of a Jewish African American.

Artie Bucco

Artie Bucco is the longtime friend of Tony and his favorite cook. Artie is a restaurateur who is often helped by Tony to get his business on his feet so that Tony and his gang can often use it to talk business and as a front for bringing in illegal help from Italy. Artie’s restaurant in the first season was blown up by Tony so that one of Tony’s rivals could not use it to make a hit which Artie never forgets and accuses Tony and holds it against him throughout the show. Despite his grudge, Artie is a good friend to Tony and often bends over backwards for him, to the anger of Artie’s long-suffering wife.

There are several ways of watching cable tv on a personal computer

There are several ways of watching cable TV on a personal computer.

In order to watch, you can use a specialized PC hardware called PCTV cards. These cards enable your PC to receive live satellite TV feeds. There are two types of cards namely external and internal.

The internal cards come in form of PC card while the external ones connect to the PC via USB. The USB ones are handy and can be used in more than one computer or laptop.

The card receives satellite feed by means of telephone line or cable connection provided by your broadband network.

You can also purchase software that will stream live satellite for channels directly to the PC. This is very simple as what is required is to purchase the software and after installation, you have access to various channels worldwide.

Your pc needs a cpu unit with atleast 520mb of RAM memory space to allow hosting of the tv feeds on the monitor. The best cpu is a pentium 4 grade which has superior speeds and memory space. The speeds of your computer should also be above 330MHZ to allow easy connection to the tv feeds from the internet.

You will also require broadband connection for internet access and download the software from retailer. Broadband internet service can be in the form of cable, wireless, T1 either as dial up or DSL.

The software is advantageous as you only require paying one time fee and having access for as long as you wish.

Read more on top free live TV streaming website to watch cable abc, cbs, nbc TV free online here: How To Watch Free Cable TV On PC

Watching the television is a pastime that most of your family will enjoy doing. While there are many different TVs which a person can look into buying, there are only two choices open for program watching pleasure. These choices are that of cable and satellite TV. You will need to know some facts about these viewing formats so you will be able to choose the view form that you like.

The first step in determining which one is good is to see the equipment that is needed for the cable and satellite TV viewing. These can be fully known when you ask the service providers of these two viewing companies. In the cable TV option you will need to have a cable box installed so that you can watch the programs which are aired on this service provider.

The satellite TV companies on the hand will need to inform you about the various satellite dishes that they use. You will need to find out if there are any mounting costs for these two pieces of equipment. To add to the full amount which you will have to pay it is best if you ask for the various package prices.

The different programs which are broadcast on cable and satellite TV systems will have their effect on the price that is charged to you. This charge might be a full flat rate for the year or you will have to pay on a monthly basis. The various packages themselves will have different price tags attached.

At present when you look at the different programs which have been aired on these two networks you will see a difference. In the cable TV system the various programs you will see are national TV stations like HBO, STARZ, CNN and Showtime among many channels. The various sports which are available will include packages for football, basketball and even baseball.

On the other hand satellite TV will offer you the capability of seeing these programs and a host of others. You can get national sports coverage for football, baseball, basketball and racing. In the international program arena you will have the ability of seeing programs from lots of other countries. The list of languages that you can hear these programs in is also wide enough for you to choose one that you would prefer to hear a program in.

On the surface both cable and satellite TV have many advantages to offer you. Many great programs to watch. Excellent quality sound and picture clarity. An easy installation process and a low installation charge. With all of these advantages you might have some trouble choosing the viewing format to suit you.

This can be easily resolved. All you will need to see is how many of your favorite programs you can watch on cable TV and then on satellite TV. Once you have answered this to your satisfaction you can then make your choice between cable and satellite TV with a clear conscience.

Watch Project Runway Season 6 Episode 2

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably not into fashion. However, Project Runway is a little different. It is the second episode to air this season featuring Lindsay Lohan as judge on the judges panel, previously hosted by Heidi Klum.

Watch Project Runway Season 6 Episode 2

This season is deffinetly bringing out new twists as the designers are set a task not only to create a dress for a celebrity, but a dress for a pregnaent celebrity. The designers had 3 days to create a great dress, but when Tim walked in on them on day 2 it seemed like they hadn’t achieved much. The celebrity they had to design for was a guest judge, Rebecca Romijn who stars in «Ugly Betty». One unlucky designer got sent home.

Project Runway Season 6 will be being set in sunny Los Angeles, California instead of not so sunny New York as the other five season were. Last week the new 16 contestants were set to design a «red carpet» look. They had only 3 days to do so and limited materials and resources.

Before this year one of the main hostesses and judges was famous German fashion model and wife of pop singer SEAL, Heidi Klum. The show originally aired on the Bravo network but after a lawsuit between Weinstein Co. and NBC it was transferred over to the Lifetime channel.

You can watch Project Runway Season 6 Episode 2 at the link below, trust me it’s definitely worth the watch.

Watch Project Runway Season 6 Episode 2

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Luke Perry was known as the Beverly Hills 90210 resident. He was also considered as the world’s fastest-healing superhero and a celebrated rock-and-roll musician. Luke Perry was popular for his role as Dylan McKay in the Beverly Hills 90210 series. Even though the series is back in TV screen with Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling reprising their famed ‘90’s era roles, the absence of Luke Perry is hard to ignore.

The bad boy image of Perry made the Beverly Hills 90210 so interesting all through its ten year run. Even though he is not in the current series of the show, his status as a father of Kelly’s child leaves some hope to the fans that Perry will go back eventually.

Even though he does not appear on the current series of 90210, the birthday boy is offering his fans new film. This is a Swedish fill, it is romantic comedy entitled Finally Midsummer. It was shot in the idyllic seaside Swedish Village Of Trosa. Perry plays the role of Sam, an American college friend of the party’s host. He arrives in Sweden bearing a number of opinions about the ways of the Swedish Women. He is also willing to find out which of the stereotypes ring true.

This movie will serve as Perry’s birthday gift to his followers. That even fans are not able to follow him on the current series of 90210. Fans will be able to see him on the big screen through this romantic comedy Swedish film.

The much-anticipated timed flavour unveiling of Caprica, the ably styled «Salvation», seemed to do an admirable job setting the speech as a ability fable type of «Dallas». The characters that we were introduced to in the manoeuvre directly sprinted off on the means to their several destinies, as if previously rough up before a starters pistol. We saw the avatar Zoe Graystone arise to damage with existence imprisoned exclusive a robot body. Judge and Amanda Graystone were grappling with the result of the act of terrorism that killed their girl. Willy Adama began his apprenticeship low his crime-enforcer uncle, time his theologian Carpenter came to unhappiness the missed possibleness to see his avatar daughter again.

The future programme, «Reins of a Water,» continues to filler the main course the characters are mass. (Warning — spoilers dormie!) Most notably, Joseph Adama’s bespeak to his monk Sam that he homicide Amanda Graystone seems to initiate a refrigerated irrationality to a fiber who, up until now, possessed a sound good compass. It was Patriarch, after all, who premiere questioned Jurist Graystone on the morality of creating an avatar of Patriarch’s girl to statesman with. It seems puzzling that he would now move to hostility in prescribe to get another try to expend second with the realistic Tamara.

But that’s the model of Caprica. The writers, as they did on Battlestar Galactica, aren’t hydrophobic to dispense realism into their other-wordly characters. Spell we would ordinarily move a honorable, pragmatical man such as Joseph Adama would await to react to his struggles in a slightly statesman rational way, the sad past events of his lifetime are propulsion him in an solely contrastive, and all-too-human instruction: insanity. It begs the interrogative: what would you do if you forfeit your kindred?

This, in channel, sets him at odds with Jurist Graystone. Graystone, the notice boy for turn system, is slightly author productive in maintaining the charade that he has his feelings under control. Yet subtle cracks are source to appear in that facade as he steadfastly refuses to free in to the demands of his underlings that he fight in people relations activities to modify the organization soul. And while he yet capitulates, his institution in his intention of who his daughter really was may yet forcefulness him to eventually present a stark realness, that he didn’t actually see her.

Zoe Graystone’s account arc is set symptomless out on frontal of the others. As the approach of the franchise, the opportunity is predicted to result the events in Caprica finished Zoe’s eyes. A imperfect attribute to act who created an online avatar of herself, it’s the jaunt of this digital sterilise ego that is to be our object through the lie. Yet, for whatsoever cerebrate I hit her travelling the least intriguing of all. Perhaps the intention of a non-human personality beingness imprisoned part a non-human embody is a emotional too more to experience with, although it isn’t without potentiality.

The periodical has been envisioned as the «opening of the end» of the Cardinal Colonies. Based on the events of «Reins of a Falls,» that start is fortunate low way.

Which is better, a generic fancy dress costume or one that’s new and got something a bit different? There’s only one way to find out…fight!  Fans of TV legend Harry Hill will immediately recognise this catchphrase; his prime time show TV Burp has thrown up many a tough decision like this.  But to answer the original question, probably the latter as Harry Hill costumes are sweeping the nation!

For those that are unfamiliar with the great man, Harry Hill is a stand up comedian who regularly hosts comedy TV shows at weekends called You’ve Been Framed and TV Burp which seek to highlight funny clips of home videos and comedic clips of TV shows aired during the week.  His distinct “tongue in cheek” style of presenting and humour is very popular with audiences.

Hill, real name Matthew Keith Hall, originally trained as a medical doctor before making the transition into comedy in 1992.  He said he quit the medical profession as he didn’t feel in control of what was happening.  Hill has appeared on various successful TV and radio shows during the 1990s before his BAFTA nominated show TV Burp.

The costume worn by Harry Hill is just as distinctive as his style of humour.  He wears a big collared white shirt with a dark suit, in addition to small badges on his left lapelle and a series of pens in his handkerchief pocket.  The crown jewel though is his pair of retro 1950s style glasses which he is never without.  Hill has said he feels lost without his big collared shirt, and has even had an anxiety attack before a gig when he realised he’d forgotten it!

The Burp costume as worn by Harry Hill is only available from one fancy dress retailer, details of which follow below.  The costume includes the iconic glasses and big collared shirt, together with some badges and pens.  To finish the Harry Hill look a baldy wig is also included, which can be trimmed to fit any size of head!

Turning up at any party dressed as the great man will definitely make you the centre of attention.  If anyone suggests their costume is better than yours, there’s only one way to find out…fight!

For more information on costumes in the style of Harry Hill’s, visit Atlantis Fancy Dress.